Customers in Transport and Distribution rely on MiX Telematics to optimize fuel economy, safeguard their vehicles and drivers, and improve customer service.

Fleet Solutions for the Transport and Distribution Industry

With rising fuel prices, globalization and increased competition, fleet managers in the Transport and Distribution industry are looking to telematics system providers for a sustainable way to defy tough market conditions.

Fleet Solutions for the Transport and Distribution Industry

MiX Telematics offers solutions that can not only boost fleet efficiency, but help to simplify everyday processes. This is achieved through sophisticated on-board and mobile technology with features that allow fleet managers to:

  • Improve communication.
  • Optimize routes.
  • Monitor and improve driver behaviour.
  • Manage fuel consumption.
  • Handle jobs and messages in real-time.

For customers like ASD Metals in the United Kingdom, Fonterra Milk Collection in New Zealand and Clover Logistics in South Africa, these features are often responsible for significant cost savings achieved through optimized asset utilization, lowered fleet maintenance costs, tightened regulatory compliance and – very importantly – improved service levels.


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