Customers in Transport and Distribution rely on MiX Telematics to optimize fuel economy, safeguard their vehicles and drivers, and improve customer service.

Fleet Solutions for the Transport and Distribution Industry

With rising fuel prices, globalization and increased competition, fleet managers in the Transport and Distribution industry are looking to telematics system providers for a sustainable way to defy tough market conditions.

Fleet Solutions for the Transport and Distribution Industry

MiX Telematics offers solutions that can not only boost fleet efficiency, but help to simplify everyday processes. This is achieved through sophisticated on-board and mobile technology with features that allow fleet managers to:

  • Improve communication.
  • Optimize routes.
  • Monitor and improve driver behaviour.
  • Manage fuel consumption.
  • Handle jobs and messages in real-time.

For customers like ASD Metals in the United Kingdom, Fonterra Milk Collection in New Zealand and Clover Logistics in South Africa, these features are often responsible for significant cost savings achieved through optimized asset utilization, lowered fleet maintenance costs, tightened regulatory compliance and – very importantly – improved service levels.

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Learn how MiX Telematics can help you reduce fuel costs, improve diver performance and safety, and more.

Keep Your Transport and Distribution Business Moving

Transportation and distribution is a key part of selling physical products, and making sure goods get to the right place at the right time can make or break your business. But getting goods from point A to point B can be a long chain of diverse tasks and duties.

Transport Fleet Management

MiX Telematics provides distribution and transportation fleet management solutions that enhance visibility into your fleet with sensors, mobile devices, and automation that can help you meet today's challenges.

Consumer patterns have changed, driven by the rise of eCommerce and the ability and desire to buy almost anything from almost anywhere in the world at the click of a mouse. This digitization of the customer experience leads to new challenges in the transportation and distribution industry, which, when solved can give your business a competitive edge.

6 Critical Issues in Transportation and Logistics Fleet Management

The key to transportation and logistics fleet management is getting the right balance between cost and efficiency. But in order to do this, you must gain insight and measure for improvement. Every fleet has its own unique challenges, but there some things every transportation and distribution fleet should be tracking.

  • Speeding

    Excess speeding is a key factor that can bring down your fleet's efficiency and raise its costs. Not only does speeding increase the risk of crashes and negatively impact your fleet's safety, but it also affects its fuel usage. Gas mileage decreases quickly at speeds over 50 mph, so when your drivers speed they not only risk the safety of themselves and others, they cost you money. When you monitor and reduce speeding, you can save between 7%-14% on fuel costs.

  • Harsh Braking

    When harsh braking occurs, it is an indication that aggressive or unsafe behavior has occurred. Harsh braking often means that the driver is distracted or that they tailgate regularly and frequently narrowly avoid crashes. This behavior can become a safety risk to your fleet, and over time, negatively impact its performance. It puts undue wear and tear on your vehicles, causing you to pay more to repair or replace them.

    With MiX Telematics technology, you can monitor your drivers' performance and use these metrics to help them improve, thus saving your business money and ensuring that your vehicles deliver their cargo in a safe and timely manner.

  • Crashes

    Any type of crash poses a safety risk to your fleet. And since they result in unexpected downtime, crashes also affect your fleet's efficiency as well as incurring unexpected costs from repairs and insurance claims.

    When a crash occurs, you need all the facts. Establishing what happened can help you determine who was at fault and provide training to your drivers to prevent a similar accident from happening again. If the driver was not at fault, you have data to back them up when insurance companies come into the picture.

  • Fuel Economy

    There are many factors that influence the fuel economy of your fleet, such as:

    • Speeding
    • Harsh braking
    • Rapid acceleration
    • Excessive idling
    • Carrying excessive weight
    • Cold weather in combination with frequent short trips
    • Neglecting regular maintenance on tires, brake pads, air filter, and more

    MiX Telematics GPS logistics fleet tracking software can help you monitor and measure poor driving incidents and set up alerts that are triggered in real-time so that they can self-correct. You can also set up reminders so that you can schedule preventative maintenance, avoiding unexpected downtime caused by equipment failure on the road.

  • Fleet Asset Utilization

    When your fleet assets are not used to their full capacity at the most optimal times, you end up losing time, and ultimately money. Using MiX Telematics transport fleet management software, you can track travel time between jobs, duration of stops, driver hours of service, empty or underutilized hours, maintenance and resultant downtime, and more to gain insight into your fleet and where you can improve efficiencies.

  • Optimization Routes

    With MiX Telematics, you can optimize your routes so that your drivers are taking the fastest, most efficient route to their destination. You can also plan around any unexpected traffic delays or other road hazards that might slow down your fleet. Traffic and road conditions that may affect your drivers' routes can be sent to them in real-time.

  • Hours of Service and ELDs

    MiX Telematics Hours of Service electronic logging devices (ELDs) are in complete compliance with the FMCSA in terms of performance, design, and technical specifications. They can be connected and synced to the vehicle's engine so they can capture location data upon ignition when the engine is switched off, and every time the vehicle moves. As each driver's daily status changes, you'll see the information displayed in a graph or grid format.

    This helps you keep track of your drivers' hours of service so that they and your business are in compliance with FMCSA regulations. You'll be in the loop about your drivers' status at all times, and better able to plan capability for your fleet.

Benefits of MiX Telematics Solutions for Transport and Distribution Fleets

By enhancing your visibility and insight into your fleet with measurement and metrics, we can help you maximize operating efficiencies and control your fleet's expenses. We proved a secure software solution for transport fleet management that handles critical fleet metrics.

Organizes Your Fleet Data in an Easy-to-Use Software Platform

Keep the records of your vehicles, fleet expenses, driver performance, inspection results, and maintenance history all in one place. Easily access your most important fleet data from anywhere – phone, laptop, or tablet -- to make the most informed decisions in real-time.

Visibility across Your Entire Fleet

With our GPS tracking system, you can locate and see where your vehicles and drivers are in real-time, get updates on vehicle status, odometer readings, and set alerts that let you know when your vehicles need maintenance.

Monitor Expenses and Customize Reports

Monitor expenses and determine your fleet's total cost of ownership (TCO) with key metrics such as cost per mile. Use customized reports to analyze your fleet expenses, find trends to support decisions, determine replacement needs, and manage your budget.

Find out how you can cut fuel costs, improve diver performance and safety and more with transport and logistics fleet management.


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