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Linde Gas

Linde is an industrial gases and engineering company that is employing a variety of MiX by Powerfleet’ solutions to reduce risky driving behaviours as well as improve scheduling and routing capabilities.
Linde Gas - Oil and Gas
Linde is a global company within the Industrial gases and engineering industry serving various end markets, including aerospace, chemicals, electronics, healthcare and many more. Their mission is to make the world more productive by providing high-quality solutions, technologies and services that make their customers more successful and help protect the planet.
"With MiX by Powerfleet we have achieved greater operational control in our Logistics Operations. The detailed analysis and fully customisable reports that MiX by Powerfleet provides has helped us monitor and improve both road safety and transport efficiency."
Dimitrios Sfikas, Head of Cylinder Production and Supply GRC/CYP, Linde Greece

Linde needed their fleets equipped with a standardised combination of telematics solutions. To match their needs, MiX by Powerfleet equipped Linde’s Romanian, Greek and Turkish fleets with MiX Fleet Manager (an inclusive fleet management solution), MiX Vision (an in-cab video solution), MyMiX (a driver engagement app) and MiX 3D (a remote digital tachograph data download service).

With all these solutions in place, Linde now closely monitor and manage the behaviour of their drivers, especially those behaviours that have been proven to increase crash risk. The in-cab cameras (provided through MiX Vision) have made drivers more cautious while driving and created a culture of safety awareness. These cameras have also helped Linde meet compliance requirements. With the addition of MyMiX, the driver engagement app, drivers can view their safety scores and track their personal performance so that training can be implemented to reduce any risky driving behaviours.

Linde experienced major safety-related results within a short period of time after implementation. Speeding, harsh acceleration and harsh braking, all behaviours that increase the risk of crashes and raises vehicle maintenance costs, has been drastically reduced. The number of kilometres that have been driven safely by Linde’s Romanian, Greek and Turkish fleets has increased fivefold in the last two years of implementing telematics with the help of MiX. Customer satisfaction rates have also improved as the newly gathered telematics data now makes scheduling more reliable and provides delivery notifications to customers.


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Melanie Esterhuizen

15 December 2021

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