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DTLO reduced their accidents by 96% and got rid of all customer complaints about the behaviour of their drivers by using MiX by Powerfleet solutions.
Damman Transport Logistique - Transport and distribution
Damman Transport Logistique et Organisations (DTLO) is a family-owned transport and distribution company based in Belgium. DTLO approached Rauwers, a long-time MiX by Powerfleet channel partner that is trusted by the company, to help them implement solutions to improve driver safety as well as eliminate operational costs.
"With MiX by Powerfleet we have achieved greater operational control in our Logistics Operations. The detailed analysis and fully customisable reports that MiX by Powerfleet provides has helped us monitor and improve both road safety and transport efficiency."
Philippe Damman, Group Managing Director

Using MiX Fleet Manager, MiX Vision (an in-cab cameras) and MiX 4000 (an on-board computer capturing engine metrics), DTLO started measuring the behaviours of drivers (such as speeding or harsh braking) and reports were created to find the root cause of accidents. Subsequently, a driver training programme was created to coach drivers to behave more cautiously on the road to decrease the rate of accidents.

DTLO saw a 96% reduction in accidents within less than six months of implementing MiX by Powerfleet’s solutions. Knock-on effects were a complete elimination of customer complaints about driver behaviour, a reduction in operation costs and increased compliance with regulations.

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Melanie Esterhuizen

15 December 2021

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