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Iberdrola, a global leader in clean and renewable energy and the number one producer of wind power, utilises MiX’s fleet management software to bring the transition to sustainable energy forward by two decades to help combat climate change.
Headquartered in Spain, the company has subsidiaries worldwide, all working to double their renewable capacity by the year 2025. Iberdrola’s main goals were to gain increased visibility into their fleet activities and move towards the electrification of their fleet.
"MiX provides Iberdrola Group with a global and comprehensive solution, allowing us to make the most of a Telematics tool by sharing technical and management expertise, professional skills, and operational experience across the diverse businesses and countries. Through MiX by Powerfleet’ intelligent solution, Iberdrola has identified the appropriate levers to address vehicle fleet optimisation and electrification challenges towards sustainability and reduction of carbon emissions, making it one of the key platforms for achieving our global goals."
Antonio Collada Banderas, Global Head of Business Services, Iberdrola.

Iberdrola is focused on optimising fleet utilisation, improving driver performance to boost safety, and transitioning vehicles to EV or hybrid models.

The MiX by Powerfleet customer success team established that MiX DriveMate, would help Iberdrola achieve its KPI targets. MiX DriveMate provides in-depth insights into driving behaviours, especially when it comes to instances of harsh braking or accelerating, and over speeding. Highlighting these behaviours to drivers supports the reduction and improvement of these actions to help work towards safer driving performance. This ultimately reduces accident risk within the fleet and helps reduce fuel consumption, a key to limiting carbon emissions and improving fleet sustainability.

Within 12 months of implementing this MiX solution, Iberdrola saw a reduction of 33% in harsh braking and acceleration incidents, and a 56% decrease in over speeding. Further, they achieved a 32% increase in vehicles meeting their monthly leasing kilometre allowance. These impressive results have enabled Iberdrola to extend the solution to branches within the United Kingdom as well as the United States. They plan to further extend it into other regions of the Americas and into Europe too. MiX’s Service for Life approach will ensure that Iberdrola is setup for success, no matter where in the world their fleet is located. 

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23 August 2022

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