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Holcim develops an award-winning safety programme and strengthens its commitment to sustainability with the help of MiX by Powerfleet
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Holcim is a building solutions provider operating across various regions worldwide. This company, with a fleet of 10,000+ vehicles, helps develop greener cities, smarter infrastructure, and improved living standards. Holcim is currently successfully utilising telematics to reach their fleet safety targets, reduce accidents, and support their various safety initiatives.
"Part of our road safety strategy is giving our drivers the knowledge to make the right decisions behind the wheel. MiX has helped us with a standardised approach to data collection which has enabled us to improve our road safety performance globally."
Astrid van der Burgt, Group HSE Transport Safety Manager, Holcim

Being a forward-thinking, technology-driven company, Holcim has been using telematics for quite a few years to help them make their fleet safer. MiX by Powerfleet offers Holcim the technology to extract and consolidate actionable data from all their fleets across a total of 18 countries. This data is then placed into reports that could be sent to operations departments and transporters for analysis and to implement next steps. Furthermore, they are using telematics to remain complaint with region-specific driving hours regulations.

Intelligent telematics technology is empowering Holcim to manage driver behaviour, an important aspect of fleet safety, from one central Technical Assistance Centre and regional control towers over a total of 1.75 billion kilometres per year. With the help of MiX by Powerfleet’ expertise, Holcim has reduced at-fault road crashes by 83%, increased the number of drivers who are receiving training courses to improve their driving behaviour and the number of drivers who get in-cab feedback on their performance through in-vehicle monitoring systems. In addition, they are using MiX by Powerfleet’ technology as part of their safety programme to make roads across the world safer and cleaner, and to uplift the community through their ‘Women on Wheels’ program. Check out the case study to read more about these initiatives and all the results they have achieved with MiX by Powerfleet’ fleet management solutions.

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Melanie Esterhuizen

18 May 2022

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