Safety First

The importance of safety within fleet telematics

MiX by Powerfleet understands the importance of reducing accidents within your fleet. We can ensure the safety of your personnel and reduce your operating costs. Read on to find out how.
The importance of safety within fleet telematics

Workplace safety is key across all industries but particularly within fleet management, as it protects employers, employees, vehicles and assets, and job sites. Employers that stay safety compliant can look forward to efficient operations with reduced downtime because of potential accidents and collisions. Employees who feel that their safety is a priority are more engaged, industrious workers. Vehicles and assets that are kept in good condition, afford the company better reliability and peak productivity. And well-managed job sites enable supervisors to coordinate large teams operating dynamic fleets or using valuable and expensive machinery.

Safety for employers

Fleet operators have a duty to their employees to keep them safe in the workplace. Since their employees are either on the road or at jobsites, where serious or even fatal accidents can easily occur, employers need to utilise all available technological resources to maintain operational visibility and streamline processes. GPS fleet tracking systems such as MiX Fleet Manager™, offer fleet operators unlimited access to information about their drivers and vehicles, with a host of features, tools and reports to help increase the safety of their fleet and maximise return on investment. The solution comprises of a sophisticated onboard computer, which collects and transmits valuable vehicle and driver data. This data is hosted in one of several top-tier data centers, and information is accessible online or via a mobile app (for Android or iOS) such as MyMiX™.

Investment in fleet telematics enables employers to ensure that employees are sufficiently trained, compliance regulations are met, and vehicles and machinery are in safe working order. By making safety a priority, employers are ensuring that they maintain the health and wealth of their fleets.

Safety for employees

Fleet telematics is an ever-expanding, always-innovating technological space. It’s becoming easier than ever before to keep tabs on all operating aspects of a fleet, no matter its size or location. One area where employers have less control, is over drivers as they navigate roads. Drivers introduce new risks to good operations simply because humans are fallible, and mistakes can be made for any number of reasons. Sometimes the culprit is simply a need for better training. Sometimes it’s driver fatigue. Sometimes outside factors such as harsh working conditions, remote job locations or adverse weather conditions can affect a driver’s performance. The best way for drivers to stay safe is to maintain constant communication with fleet managers, to stay compliant with road and company regulations, be fully engaged in bettering their driving and task performance, and to be always informed of their vehicle’s current condition. Driver-facing, in-cab AI dashcams like MiX Vision AI detect risky driving behaviour and alert the driver and fleet manager in real-time when a driver is fatigued, smoking or using their mobile phone while driving, and engaging in distracted behaviors (like excessively yawning or closing their eyes for prolonged periods). This helps to prevent accidents and keep drivers safe on the road.

AI dashcams can help improve driver safety and operational efficiency by keeping fleets connected and protected.

Safety for vehicles and assets

Running a multinational fleet is extremely complex. By enabling fleet managers to use the latest innovative fleet telematics, operators can empower their supervisors to make critical interventions when fleet safety is compromised in any number of ways. Asset and vehicle safety is key to consistent performance, employee confidence, fuel saving, maintenance cost reduction, productivity improvement and return on investment. The overall safety and security of a fleet is dependent on equipment being kept in good working order and vehicles remaining roadworthy. Fleets the world over must ensure that they adhere to a strict maintenance schedule. This will ensure that all vehicle parts and components always remain safe to operate. Regular maintenance checks on fuel, oil and coolant levels, tyre and wiper blade condition, lights and electrics, engine air filters, spark plugs, brake pads, air conditioning unit all save companies time and money by reducing downtime and limiting the need for costly repairs.

Safety analytics technology such as MiX Hours of Service ELDs and MiX Asset Manager™ can help operators, fleet managers and drivers to stay on top of general wear and tear, making fleets safer and more secure.

A fleet can only be as efficient as its worst performing vehicle or asset, so maintenance is a top priority for all.

Safety on jobsites

There are potentially unsafe jobsites in many industries, but particularly within the agricultural, construction, emergency services, field services, mining, oil and gas, and utilities industries. Fleet managers and supervisors operating within these fields should be using everything in their telemetry arsenal to ensure that employees, vehicles, and assets are always safely maintained. Good fleet management ultimately boils down to mitigating as many risk factors as possible. Jobsite monitoring and evaluation is a core responsibility of an effective fleet manager.

MiX by Powerfleet develops and implements connected fleet and mobile asset management solutions for customers across the globe. We focus our energy on creating customisable hardware and software that is specific to our customers’ requirements. MiX Fleet Manager Essential fits vehicles with an unobtrusive onboard computer which captures and transmits vehicle and driver data. Combined with app-centric technology such as MyMiX™, a fleet manager has all the information they could possibly need about a vehicle’s location, engine diagnostics and risk factors at play. These solutions allow managers to geofence their fleet’s movements for greater safety, to send and receive real-time notifications to avoid on-site accidents and collisions, and to analyze historical data to better inform where the risks on jobsites are to prepare teams being dispatched to these locations.

Ensuring that jobsites are always safe and secure for both fleets and employees is essential to optimising operations, maximising productivity, and increasing the bottom line. You cannot afford to not invest in this technology.

The importance of safety within fleet telematics
Safety First
A fully-implemented and supported MiX by Powerfleet solution is guaranteed to improve driver safety and reduce accident rates while also lowering risk, liability and cost.
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