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OMV Petrom

With a commitment to transforming behaviors, attitudes, and competencies while nurturing a safety culture, OMV Petrom sought a comprehensive solution to meet the diverse needs of their light and heavy vehicles. Their discerning choice led them to embrace the MiX by Powerfleet system, a strategic decision aimed at fostering a secure and efficient driving environment.
The implementation of MiX by Powerfleet’ solutions marked a pivotal moment for OMV Petrom's commitment to road safety. This encompassing solution introduced vital programs such as driver behavior monitoring, driver profiles, and RAG (Red, Amber, Green) monthly reporting processes.
"Our long-term partnership and collaboration with MiX by Powerfleet over the last few years, the robust solutions provided, and continuous support to enhance and deliver the best customer experience have made it possible to achieve outstanding results in vehicle accident reduction and to eliminate fatalities related to vehicle incidents. All of this is in addition to improving fleet management and utilization."
- Mihai Frasineanu, HSSE Corporate on their Partnership with MiX

Six months into this transformative journey, OMV Petrom witnessed tangible improvements in driving safety indicators, accompanied by a noteworthy reduction in fleet operation costs. These positive outcomes translated into consistent benefits, including heightened fleet efficiency and an overarching enhancement in driver safety. The success of this partnership underscores OMV Petrom's commitment to safety and efficiency, setting a benchmark for transformative practices within the industry.

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14 February 2024

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