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Why choose an integrated in-cab video system?

Why choose an integrated in-cab video system?

Discover all the reasons why choosing an integrated dash cam solution can benefit your fleet.
Wondering why you should choose an integrated in-cab video system? Get the facts from our fleet management technology experts.

In the realm of fleet management, the choice between standalone hardware and an integrated in-cab video system plays a pivotal role. While many offerings in the U.S. are third-party solutions, MiX by Powerfleet stands out by providing a fully integrated in-cab video solution where both hardware and software seamlessly come together in one comprehensive system.

Here are the compelling advantages of opting for an integrated in-vehicle monitoring system (IVMS) like MiX Vision over standalone hardware options:

1. It Will Save You Time And Money

A fully integrated solution eliminates the need to invest in separate systems or manage contracts with multiple providers. With MiX Vision, both hardware and software come from a single vendor, streamlining operations, reducing costs associated with staff training, and minimising the complexities of managing multiple systems.

2. You're In Control

With 24/7 access to visual evidence, fleet managers gain unprecedented control over how and when this data is accessed. Immediate reaction time during investigations becomes a reality, allowing for swift responses to events. Unlike relying on a third party, having direct access ensures comprehensive management of all video data.

3. You Can Make It Your Own

MiX Vision is not just about offering visual evidence; it's about customisation. Fleet owners and managers can configure specific events that trigger video recording, tailoring the system to their unique needs. This level of customisation empowers users to adapt the system to their operational requirements.

4. You Can Reward Good Driver Behaviour

Beyond analysing accidents and their causes, MiX Vision provides a means to track and reward positive behaviours on the road. The combination of inward- and outward-facing cameras covers all angles, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of driver performance and vehicle usage. Fleet managers can leverage this feature to promote a culture of safety and reward responsible driving habits.

In conclusion, the advantages of an integrated in-cab video system extend beyond the general benefits of visual evidence. MiX Vision not only offers a streamlined and cost-effective solution but also puts control, customisation, and the ability to encourage positive driver behaviour directly in the hands of fleet owners and managers.

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Why choose an integrated in-cab video system?
Why choose an integrated in-cab video system?
A fully-implemented and supported MiX by Powerfleet solution is guaranteed to improve driver safety and reduce accident rates while also lowering risk, liability and cost.
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