Driving is one of the riskiest work-related activities a person can undertake. Some research studies state that up to 40% of motor vehicle accidents are work-related, which puts the onus on employers to lessen the risks. With our fleet management solutions, you can improve safety in a variety of ways and reduce liability. 

Research indicates that human error is to blame in approximately 80% of motor collisions. As a result, fleet owners are under mounting pressure to not only identify risky driver behavior, but to take corrective action and improve safety levels.
Improve Fleet Safety

Our end-to-end safety solutions have become an invaluable tool for small and large fleets, enabling them to:

  • Identify and correct poor driving.
  • Monitor drivers in relation to past performance.
  • Implement targeted driver training.
  • Develop customized driver safety policies.
  • Keep their vehicles serviced and safe on the road.

Matrix and Beame, our consumer solutions in South Africa, boast stand-out features like insurance approval, roadside assistance, automated tax logbook and crash alert.

Top three ways to make your fleets safer

In an industry where human error is to blame for more than 90% of crashes, improving vehicle and driver safety has never been more critical for operational success. Starting with driver behaviour is a must.


With MiX Telematics’ end-to-end SaaS solutions, you can improve the safety of your fleet by: 

  • Identifying and rectifying poor driving behaviour that has been proven to increase the risk of accidents.
  • Monitoring driver performance through scoring and providing targeted training opportunities for drivers.
  • Developing customised driver safety policies.
  • Maintaining and servicing vehicles properly to keep them safe to drive - reducing risk to both drivers and other road users.
  • Creating a rewards programme to encourage drivers to drive safely and increase engagement.
  • Fit-for-purpose Choosing vehicles.
  • Monitoring vehicle and driver behaviour in the moment with Artificial Intelligence technology to notify drivers to self-correct and prevent accidents.
driver safety management and optimization
  • Fleet Safety

    Having a ton of data is great, but having the right data is better. We call it “Actionable Safety Intelligence,” and for good reason. All the information our tools collect – usage, performance, location, and status of drivers and vehicles helps you get meaningful, real-world information about the unseen workings of your organization. You could say we make the unseen, seen. But more than that, we make it useful.

    Once you know more about your drivers’ behaviors, you can change driver behaviors in a way that dramatically reduces crash rates and saves lives. Our solutions include software that gives you real-time information on your drivers and vehicles as well as powerful software platforms that let you track, manage, monitor, and measure the performance of your fleet and get alerts in real-time about events, infringements, deviations, and possible dangers. It’s your call.

  • Driver Safety Reporting

    Knowing what is happening with your fleet is the best way to solve problems that lead to safety issues. We offer solutions that give you detailed reports on the behaviors your drivers engage in the most, from the group level down to the specific driver. You can see which one speeds and how often, as well as how often your drivers speed in general.

    This information can then be used to make decisions about driver training, making sure each driver gets the training they need so that your fleet’s safety improves across the board. And you can use our robust reporting to monitor your driver’s progress.

  • Driver Coaching

    As a fleet operator or manager - firing, hiring, training, and retraining drivers are some of the most expensive and time-consuming things you do. MiX Telematics solutions give you the tools YOU need to give your drivers the coaching THEY need. We help you determine what type of learner each driver is: visual, verbal and aural, or physical. With that information, you can use our built-in features that help with learning and retention.

    Our driver engagement apps let your drivers see how they are doing and give them the coaching they need for continual improvement. Telematics tools that encourage learning, such as apps, driver scoring, in-cab displays, and in-cab video, can all help you with driver coaching. Find out more about how MiX Telematics can help.

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