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Reducing Diesel Theft in Fleets
Reducing Diesel Theft in Fleets
Do you know how much fuel theft is costing your fleet?
Know the KPIs to monitor when managing a global fleet
Know the KPIs to monitor when managing a global fleet
MiX Telematics provides fleet management solutions to customers in a wide variety of sectors, operating in virtually every part of the world.
The Evolution of Machine Vision in Event Detection
The Evolution of Machine Vision in Event Detection
Machine vision is a rapidly advancing technology, but how does it apply to fleet telematics?
App-centric telematics part 2: Top 6 benefits of app-centric telematics
App or smartphone-based telematics technology is becoming popular among fleets of all sizes and in all industries. Aside from the obvious benefit of mobility, there are various advantages to using apps for your telematics tracking and driver behaviour monitoring needs and we explore 6 of these in this e-book.
App-centric telematics part 1: Overview of app-centric telematics
The world has gone mobile. To meet the new demands coming from fleets because of this, the telematics industry is developing various sophisticated app-centric solutions that can provide insight into fleet operations without the need for hardware installation.
Collaboration between OEM's and telematics providers
Collaboration between OEMs and telematics providers
The more advanced vehicle technology and manufacturing become, the more important it is for a symbiotic relationship to exist between Original Equipment Manufacturers and Telemetry Service Providers.
A guide to giving your fleet a fresh start
Download a free white paper to refreshing the maintenance, health and safety, vehicle acquisition, sustainability and compliance of your fleet.
Telematics trends for 2022 and beyond
If a company operating a fleet wants to remain competitive within their industry, it’s important to keep tabs on the latest trends and utilise them to their fullest potential.
App Based GPS Fleet Tracking
To track temporary, non-core vehicles while still gathering vital driver behaviour and efficiency data, mobile fleet management using an app is the way to go.
White Paper: Data Integration
Data integration: A simple solution to complex problems
A simple solution to complex problems How it works and why it’s beneficial for fleets E-book download No matter how small or large your fleet is, you generate a lot of data.
Combining AI technology and dash cameras for fleet safety
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that has been a source of research and interest since the early 1900s. However, today, AI is more attainable and present in everyday life than it was back then.
Fleet Sustainability, E-Book, MiX Telematics
7 Ways to create a sustainable fleet
Achieving sustainability should be top-of-mind for all fleets. The aim is not only to reduce carbon emissions for the sake of helping the environment but also to inspire customer confidence in your company’s ability to be socially responsible.
White Paper: Brexit 90 Days After
Brexit 90 days after
Brexit came into effect on 1 January 2021, marking the day the UK left the EU. This has brought on new trade deals and legislations as well as many other changes for both individual and companies.
White Paper: Fleets are going Electric
Fleets are going electric
When it comes to climate change causing carbon emissions, vehicles are the main culprit. That’s why fleets are increasingly switching to electric vehicles.



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