Fuel Tax Credit

Maximise your Fuel Tax Credit rebates with MiX Telematics and Nuonic

Operating a fleet is undoubtedly expensive. Fuel is largely to thank for this as it tends to be one of the largest costs organisations have to manage and control.

But did you know that data captured using your telematics solution can be used for more accurate Fuel Tax Credit (FTC) calculations and help to increase your claims by up to 30%?
MiX Telematics has partnered with Nuonic, a leading-edge data analytics firm, to launch an innovative solution called Prism that optimises your FTC calculations. It enables you to claim the Fuel Tax Credits which you are entitled to with ease and confidence. Prism combines and automates real-time telematics data and information to deliver market-leading accuracy with detailed location and boundary analysis to determine your fleet’s exact operation and fuel consumption.

Using the actionable data captured from MiX Telematics’ in-vehicle monitoring system (IVMS), Prism precisely calculates the fuel tax rebate you qualify for according to eligible FTC activities.
Based on this and your fleet specifications, Prism provides the necessary information which you can enter into your BAS (business activity statement) or you can apply the fuel tax allotment to your purchased fuel records using simply online tools. Prism users have frequently seen significantly improved FTC outcomes compared to their previous claims because higher precision calculations are being made with the most detailed data available.


  • Claim fuel tax credits with confidence and ease
  • Save time with automated monthly calculations and reporting that covers your whole fleet.
  • Maximise your claim outcomes with highly accurate off-road trip recording and auxiliary fuel consumption reports.
  • Substantiate your claims with precise reporting and detailed calculations.

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