Chain of Responsibility

Duty to comply with transport law is shared under Chain of Responsibility (COR) laws in Australia. This means that all parties in the road transport supply chain are tasked with ensuring the safe operation of all transport activities.

It’s not just drivers but anybody that is involved in transport activities who can be held responsible and legally liable should there be a breach in road laws. Parties in the Chain of Responsibility include:
  • Company directors
  • Senior management team members
  • Driver employers
  • Drivers
  • Schedulers
  • Individuals responsible for loading and or unloading a vehicle (including any goods in the vehicle)
  • Consignors or consignees
  • Prime contractors for a vehicle (in cases where drivers are self-employed)
Transport operators need to be able to demonstrate that they are meeting their obligations under COR and, are proactively monitoring and managing driver behaviour. Compliance with speed, fatigue, mass, dimension and loading standards is also necessary.

It’s important to understand your obligations to ensure compliance and avoid penalties. Breaches can occur in instances where:

  • Drivers fail to adhere to fatigue management requirements.
  • Drivers speed.
  • Vehicle mass or dimension limits have been exceeded.
  • Loading requirements have not been met.
  • Vehicles have not been maintained according to roadworthy standards.

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