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Are in-cab cameras the future of mine site safety?

Day-to-day mining operations hold many safety hazards. The new wave of in-cab camera technology can help you reduce risks and keep your sites as safe as possible for your fleet to navigate.
Telematics is proving increasingly effective in lowering risks across mine sites.

About the E-Book

Protect your drivers with in-cab video monitoring from MiX

Welcome to the next generation of telematics – AI video that takes fleet safety management to the next level and helps to make mine sites safer. Fatigue, distraction, un-signalled lane departure, seat-belt use, collision and more can be monitored with this new technology from MiX. This White Paper “Are in-cab cameras the future of mine vehicle safety” from MiX explores:

  • How in-vehicle monitoring systems are helping mine sites to improve driver behaviour
  • Crash prevention methods
  • How in-cab camera solutions work.
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