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As a fleet management solutions provider partnered with MiX by Powerfleet, Intellifleet services corporate clients throughout Australia. The company’s expertise spans multiple industries including transport & logistics, mining, oil & gas, construction, and agriculture.
With customer service at the heart of its operations, Intellifleet partnered with MiX by Powerfleet Australia to provide fleet management solutions to over 190 customers over more than 8000 vehicles, helping to save costs, improve safety and bolster fleet efficiency. 2023 marks Intellifleet’s 20-year anniversary as a MiX by Powerfleet partner.
"Intellifleet takes immense pride in its continued partnership with MiX by Powerfleet. MiX and Intellifleet share the same core beliefs of building strong client relationships. These fundamental values allow us to achieve exceptional results across all sectors, from the desert landscapes of Australia to the Snowy Mountains. Intellifleet takes great pride in the relationship we have built with MiX over the last 15+ years, and we look forward to continuing to work together towards a safer and brighter future."
Brett Fellows, Director, Intellifleet Pty Ltd

At Intellifleet, customer service is key to success. The company prides itself on customer excellence and providing expert services. In fact, Intellifleet has seen significant growth in subscriptions over the last seven years, with a 40% growth in subscriptions every year.  

By measuring, analysing, and resolving customer’s issues promptly, Intellifleet helps its customers achieve their key objectives. With MiX by Powerfleet's multi-vertical solution and dedicated support team, the company can focus on developing a sustainable business model, even when a downturn occurs in certain industries.

Now, the business predominantly provides fleet management solutions based on the MiX by Powerfleet Fleet Manager offering.

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25 March 2024

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