Crusader Logistics

Since starting to use MiX by Powerfleet’s solutions, Crusader Logistics has seen a 15.25% reduction in fuel usage, saved money and increased their ROI.
Crusader Logistics
Crusader Logistics started out as a brokerage back in 2000 and has since evolved into a sophisticated distribution company transporting valuable cargo all over South Africa as well as cross-border into countries like Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique
"We have received great service and response since the very beginning. We are happy to be associated with MiX by Powerfleet."
Stuart Roos, Managing Director, Crusader Logistics

Alongside this, they also offer warehousing and fleet leasing solutions using their extensive knowledge on transport management.

With MiX Vision cameras installed, Crusader Logistics can now view video clips of driver behaviour whenever crucial events (like harsh braking or speeding) are triggered. Following these events, data is collected from this footage and use to coach drivers to mitigate and prevent future incidents.

Crusader Logistics has experienced their drivers operating in a safer and more efficient manner which has led to a decrease in fuel consumption and, in turn, monetary savings. Through regular review of driver behaviour, Crusader Logistics can now more accurately identify potential issues and put preventative measures in place.

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Dennis Ferreira

11 November 2019

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