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"Finally, we have the means to monitor our vehicles and our drivers, which for the security of all concerned." - Philippe Laurent, Head of CGG Land's Mechanical Support Department
"We have not recorded any accident for which we have been held responsible for several years, our drivers are more focussed and consequently perform better."
Grégory Niellez, Director of Land Operations for CGG

CGG (formerly Compagnie Générale de Géophysique) is a large global company specialising in oil, gas and mining exploration. With land and oceanographic operations spanning the Americas, Europe and the Far East, the company provides clients with three-dimensional mapping of the subsoil in exploratory areas. Through its subsidiary operation, SERCEL, CGG also designs and produces highly specialised mechanical and recording equipment.

CGG established a need to be able to better monitor its fleets out in the field. The company's land sites, known as missions, operate on an autonomous basis. Each mission is home to up to 100 light and heavy off-road vehicles. In almost all the cases, missions are located in remote areas, ranging from verdant jungles to the most arid deserts.

CGG decided to equip its fleets with a MiX by Powerfleet solution to be able to track its vehicles no matter where they might be and to be able to monitor drivers' speeds and driving behaviours. In doing so, the company's key objective was to achieve a reduction in accidents.

Today, CGG is able to constantly monitor the exact position of each of its vehicles and follow their journeys. Most importantly, the company can record maximum speeds and incidents of harsh braking and acceleration, previously the two main causes of accidents involving CGG vehicles.

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Dennis Ferreira

11 November 2019

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