Hours of Service

Driver fatigue is a primary concern for any fleet operator.
Fatigue-related accidents are directly linked to the number of hours spent driving.
This is why MiX’s Hours of Service (HOS) solution is a must-have in your electronic toolkit.
Real-Time Notifications
Although this solution is driver-centric, it gives fleet managers an insider view of their drivers’ activity. It offers a real-time notifications of performance and makes it possible for drivers to log on and off-duty hours automatically and seamlessly. Drivers can also give status updates, like when they’ve stopped off or are visiting a customer site.

HOS Solutions
The HOS solution by MiX Telematics enables the efficient monitoring of drivers’ on-duty time. This works in conjunction with our fleet management software, MiX Fleet Manager, to allow drivers to effectively manage and reduce their fatigue, therefore improving safety.

Compliance Regulations
HOS also helps fleet operators comply with compliance regulations across different states using online methods to simplify adherence to HOS rules. This solution is designed to minimise interference with the driver and enable operators to improve overall efficiency while reducing safety and fatigue risks.


  • Centralised driver management
    Centralised driver management:
    Fleet managers can monitor their drivers’ on-duty hours and activities using a single interface.
  • Safer drivers
    Safer drivers:
    This benefits other road users, improves service quality and reduces operational costs.
  • Less paperwork
    Less paperwork:
    Switching to electronic solutions saves time and money while ensuring accuracy in managing driver safety.
  • Less paperwork
    Accurate compliance:
    Fleet managers can rest assured that their responsibility towards Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) requirements are being met.
  • Managing driver fatigue:
    Managing driver fatigue:
    Optimising the fatigue management process allows you to prioritise safety while lowering risk, liability and costs.

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