Fleets not only have to deal with the potential of dangerous accidents but also face the risk of valuable vehicles and equipment being stolen, abused or misused. That’s why you need the right technology to monitor your assets to secure them

Real-time and historical tracking, vehicle recovery services and trailer tracking are our key security offerings that are all designed to enhance personal safety and security, as well as security for commercial fleets.
Increase Fleet Security

These services enable:

  • Reduced asset theft and abuse.
  • Vehicle and trip monitoring.
  • Identification and protection of drivers.
  • Vehicle access control.
  • Driver behavior monitoring and improvement.
  • Eyes on screen for monitoring high-value cargo.

In South Africa, MiX Telematics provides customers with peace of mind through Beame and Matrix, two leading tracking and recovery brands.

Top three ways to improve fleet security

In an industry where human error is to blame for more than 90% of crashes, improving vehicle and driver safety has never been more critical for operational success. Starting with driver behaviour is a must.


You can protect all your assets with MiX Telematics’ technology through: 

  • Real-time tracking to pinpoint the exact, current location of your vehicles and drivers.
  • Historical route replays to review journeys undertaken by your vehicles.
  • Real-time notifications of entry and exit into no-go zones and other user-defined geo-fences.
  • Movement reports that enable you to view the locations from where and when your vehicles departed, where and when they arrived and how many visits were made.
  • Driver identification methods to ensure that only authorised persons are utilising vehicles and equipment.
  • Tabular, dynamic reports showing vehicle activity.
  • Send accurate, real-time location to authorities when a vehicle or other asset goes missing.

In South Africa, MiX Telematics provides consumers with peace of mind about their personal safety and vehicle security through the Matrix solutions and stolen vehicle recovery with Beame. 

Fleet security solution
at your fingertips

MiX Telematics can help you cust costs, increase revenue, increase driver safety, and so much more.

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