We help customers comply with stringent HSE regulations throughout African fleet operations.

MiX Telematics offers a range of products and services that enable customers to comply with even the strictest health, safety and environmental (HSE) regulations in their relevant countries and industries. In particular, the company has a long-standing reputation within the oil and gas industry.
Ensure Fleet Compliance


  • Hours of Service and IFTA for the US.
  • Remote DTCO download for Europe.
  • Electronic work diaries in Australia.
  • Driver behavior monitoring.
  • Driver training.
  • Consultancy for road safety strategies.

Top three ways to improve your fleet’s compliance

Fleets operate in highly regulated environments and the rules and regulations can change vastly depending on the country you’re in. Despite this, there are several ways to improve your fleet’s compliance.


Compliance is critical to commercial fleet operations and deploying fleet management solutions can help make compliance easier by removing the manual processes. Additionally, mitigating risk and managing safety are major aspects of compliance and often result in successful operations.

With our tools implemented, you can:

  • Electronically log driver hours, inspection reports and much more, and transition away from error-prone paper logs.
  • Gain instant online access to compliance information and instantly transfer logs to relevant persons when needed.
  • Take inspection results to uncover issues before they become critical and initiate better maintenance workflows.
  • Set safety standards that fit your fleet’s needs.
  • Reduce risky driver behaviour as it helps you better comply with regulations and rules while maintaining vehicle health.
  • Detect and rectify common inefficiencies by studying electronic log reports.

Our software can be customised to meet specific country- and industry-specific regulations. Some of our tools include:

  • MiX Hours of Service
  • MiX Journey Management
  • Driver behaviour monitoring and management
  • Speed Management (NTSA in Kenya)

Trusted Solution for Fleet Compliance

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