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Protect your drivers
& assets in any event

Get real-time MiX Track and React control room services to help ensure that your vehicles, drivers and inventory are kept safe in any event, from over-speeding and impact detection to theft and hijackings.

We have a 97% recovery rate of assets being monitored
through the MiX Track and React service.

Hands-on event management services

24/7 Control Room
24/7 Control Room
Our MiX Track and React agents proactively monitor and manage critical driving event notifications and other important risk factor indicators, 24/7.
Instant Alerts
Instant Alerts
Instant alarm signals are sent to the control room when a non-compliant or emergency event takes place on the road, allowing for immediate action.
Incident Management
Incident Management
Exception-based events are monitored for theft, hijacking and more. A detailed report is created in the event of an incident.
Driver Compliance
Driver Compliance
Our agents correct driver behaviour when non-compliant events take place, such as over-speeding or entering no-go zones, while escalating repeat offenders.
Driver Compliance Training
Driver Compliance Training
Drivers and supervisors are briefed on the driving criteria selected by their company and complete online training.
English or Isizulu
English or Isizulu
Communications with our agents and our online training modules are in English or isiZulu, suited to your employees’ requirements.
Specialised Software
Specialised Software
Our software collects real-time data in facilitating reporting on undesirable events / activities, while managing and maintaining agreed workflows.
Regular, detailed reports
Regular, detailed reports
Daily/weekly Occurrence and Customer Feedback reports help you identify driver- & fleet-related issues, so you can implement reparative processes.

Even with a 32% increase in truck hijackings in South Africa recently, we hold a 97% recovery rate on our MiX Track and React customer base.

Trained MiX Track and React agents manage critical event notifications, 24/7, based on your pre-determined driving criteria.

By responding immediately to triggered events, our MiX Track and React services can reduce accident, theft and hijacking risks, while also improving the ability to recover stolen or hijacked vehicles.

Trained MiX Track and React agents
MiX Tract and React Help

MiX Track & React services help:

  • Reduce risk of theft & hijacking
  • Improve ability to recover stolen vehicles
  • Manage inefficient or unsafe driving behaviour
  • Implement proactive & preventative safety management
  • Improve fuel consumption
  • Increase fleet productivity
Safeguard your fleet operation with end-to-end monitoring and reporting
services from MiX by Powerfleet. Use the Get in Touch form to send us your requirements.

Ideal in a wide range of industries:

 Construction     Emergency Services     Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)      Government     Mining
 Oil & Gas     Public Transport     Rental & Leasing     Security     Transport & Distribution     Utilities

Our MiX Track and React Software & Services

Driver Event Monitoring


  • Stopping in a high-risk area / route
  • Entry of pre-defined high-risk zone
  • Excessive driving hours (no rest break)
  • Impact detection (possible accidents)
  • Possible jamming incidents
  • Over-speeding
  • Excessive idling
  • Driving after hours
  • Panic button pressed
  • Power disconnect


  • Summary per Event: frequency of triggered events.
  • Summary per Site: event frequency per site.
  • Driver: event frequency per driver per site.
  • Vehicle: event frequency per vehicle per site.
  • Track and React Summary: comparison stats (trends).
  • Occurrence Book: detailed information on the triggered events (what, where, when and who) and what actions / responses followed.


Compliance and Training
  • Drivers are briefed on what is being monitored.
  • Online training available for drivers and supervisors (no additional cost)
  • MiX Learning Centre portal (accessible 24/7)
  • Online training modules available in English and isiZulu:

    • Telematics – Driver Induction
    • Track and React – Driver Induction
    • Track and React – Supervisor Induction
  • Once the courses are completed, electronic badges are available for download
Telematics Induction
Track and React Induction
Track and React Supervisor

MiX Track & React Overview

Our MiX Track and React event-based solution increases the visibility of your drivers and fleet, giving you more control over what happens when they are out on the road.

What our customers have to say:

Pindulo Logo
In a case study conducted in 2020, MiX Track and React monitoring assisted Pindulo VDM in reducing overall occurrences of driving events by almost 50% over a 9-month period.

Pindulo Truck

The driving events that have seen the most impressive improvements include:

  • Over-speeding: events for >100 km/h and >90 km/h were reduced by 92% and 99% respectively
  • Excessive idling: decreased by 39%

Our MiX Track and React offering, coupled with our MiX Fleet Manager Premium solution, allowed Pindulo VDM to gain greater control of their fleet and improve driver behaviour, leading to a much safer fleet.

Protect your assets 24/7, with the MiX
Track and React bureau service

MiX Track and React can be used on fleets of all sizes and in every industry.
  • Improve employee & asset safety
  • Reduce dangerous events with proactive safety measures
  • React to events quickly & efficiently
  • 24/7 monitoring of triggered events by trained agents
  • Improve fuel consumption
  • Increase fleet productivity
Protect Your Assests

MiX by Powerfleet

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All our departments comprise of highly skilled staff that are passionate about customer service and technically familiar with every one of the MiX by Powerfleet products. This includes the entire range of software and telematics services as well as all the hardware devices that MiX by Powerfleet designs and manufactures.
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