Fleet Management Companies in South Africa

As a leading fleet management company, globally, MiX Telematics delivers real-time commercial vehicle and asset tracking to improve your fleet’s performance and your overall profits.

MiX Telematics offers access to information about your vehicles, drivers and operation, to best optimise fuel usage and vehicle utilisation.

Benefits of using our fleet management systems:

  • Real time fleet visibility, 24/7
  • Increase driver & asset safety on the road
  • Reduce fleet risk
  • Improve driver behaviour
  • Manage fuel & maintenance costs
  • Automate reports & data analysis
  • Increase customer retention rate
  • Ensure driver compliance

Get leading fleet tracking solutions from the top South African fleet management company, MiX Telematics.

How MiX Telematics enhances your fleet operation

Manage Driver Behaviour with Instant Alarms & Alerts

Monitor and modify driver behaviour with real-time driver information and event notifications. Get notified about driving events that you have configured for your fleet operation. Events can include harsh events (acceleration, braking and cornering), accidents and impact events, and critical events (panic button pressed, dash tamper or power down).

Reduce Fuel & Maintenance Costs

Proactively manage and prevent bad driving habits, such as excessive idling, which increases fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Increase fuel savings and fleet safety by improving driver behaviour. Analyse driver data captured in real-time and implement the necessary change management processes.

Increase Productivity

Through secure analysis of driver and vehicle information, you can identify and manage any bottlenecks and other events that negatively influence fleet productivity.

Reduce Risk

Stolen Vehicle Recovery consists of wireless devices easily installed in all types of vehicles, trailers and other assets.

Gain peace of mind by having 24/7/365-day access to a dedicated recovery team and recovery services.

Consistent Reporting & Data Insights

Get the data you need to understand and optimise your fleet operation, from tracking and live information streams to reporting tools. Data and reports are available 24/7 from any internet-enabled computer, smartphone or tablet through our secure online platform.

Value Added Services

We go above and beyond, serving your fleet with top-quality, value-added benefits to further optimise your operation.

MiX Insight Analyser for Big Data

MiX Telematics aims to be the leading global provider of information and related services for mobile assets.

Our strategy is to create a profitable, cash generative business by expanding our recurring revenue model through our worldwide distribution network.

With significant critical mass, a global footprint, a large subscriber base and a history of operating successfully in international markets, we are ideally positioned to take full advantage of significant international and local growth opportunities.

MiX Vision Bureau Service

The MiX Vision Bureau Service, which is managed by our dedicated team of video analysts, focuses solely on the MiX Vision solution.

With this service, our clients get regular feedback concerning driver behaviour and the health status of the MiX Vision cameras.


  • Weekly health checks on the in-cab safety cameras (determining functionality, alignment, and that cameras are not obstructed or tampered with)
  • Weekly feedback is captured on the MiX Vision Health Check report listing all camera faults with corresponding video clip links
  • Clients subscribed to the gold MiX Vision Bureau Service programme receive daily notifications concerning driver behaviours
    • Clients have access to flagged events via the online driver coaching platform

Service benefits:

  • Promotes proactive driving event management
  • Gives driving incidents context (with videos)
  • Provides actionable data
  • Protects your company from liability
  • Helps eliminate unnecessary costs related to driver behaviour
  • Helps protect drivers
  • Reduces insurance liabilities
  • Telematics solution extension

Our video and vehicle/driver data combination offers an evidence-based solution when analysing incidents, insurance claims, alongside promoting health and safety initiatives.

MiX Track and React

The MiX Track and React professional 24/7 control room service increases the visibility of your drivers and fleet, ultimately delivering greater control over what happens when they are out on the road.

Our trained Track and React agents manage pre-determined driving criteria notifications in real-time, with round-the-clock monitoring of critical driving event notifications.

When critical events are triggered, our agents contact the driver to improve their driving style and determine their safety.

  • Hijackings & vehicle theft incidents can be acted on immediately, limiting losses
  • Risky & inefficient behaviours are swiftly identified and pro-actively managed by escalating repeat offenders

MyMiX Driver Scoring

MyMiX is an online modular platform that equips your drivers with the tools to both assess and improve their professional performance.

MyMiX displays scores to drivers based on predetermined driving events such as:

  • Speeding
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Hard braking
  • Other relevant violations (as set by the customer)


  • Standard & RAG scoring models
    • Customer selects best-suited scoring model
  • Drivers can log in to MyMiX via the web or a mobile device (Android or iOS) to view scores, events & vehicles driven
  • Driver score information is displayed on a daily or weekly trend basis
  • Six-month driver score trend is available (to assess improvement over time)

Improve driver performance on the road with relevant training for a safer and more fuel-efficient fleet.

Customer Support

Our technical support department utilises a team of highly skilled staff who are passionate about customer service.

MiX Telematics in the News:

MiX Telematics, a leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management services and solutions, was named a global leader in ABI Research’s Commercial Telematics Vendor study, in both the innovation and implementation categories. To take the lead in the innovation category, MiX Telematics scored high in vehicle monitoring, open platforms, tech development and customer experience. MiX Telematics was awarded in the implementation category by proving excellence in the areas of vertical coverage, partnerships, financial strength and, broad and scalable SaaS solution options.

Our Vision:

Our online business intelligence tool allows fleet managers to use big data for answer pressing fleet questions.

This platform features a user-friendly, dynamic interface, removing the frustration of static telematics reports. Fleet managers can view all aspects of their fleet data, while visualising it in a range of interactive formats such as tables, graphs and charts.

Our customers can look forward to significant cost reductions and improved operational efficiencies when utilising MiX Insight Analyser.