Beame, a MiX Telematics brand, ensures your stolen vehicle recovery is ‘Simply Sorted’. In the event of car theft or a hijacking, Beame offers a recovery service with one of the highest recovery rates in the industry. Beame is a small, fully mobile recovery device that fits easily into a vehicle or any other moveable assets, including motorbikes, quadbikes, trailers, caravans and bicycles, ensuring that they can be easily recovered if stolen.

As a South African-born brand, having revolutionised the wireless tracking industry in 2011, Beame is known for its guaranteed reliability and true convenience.


Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty
Get a new unit installed at no additional cost when yours needs replacement.
Easy to hide, non-intrusive installation without compromising your vehicles electronics or warranties.
Quick Installation
Quick Installation
Get a new unit installed at no additional cost when yours needs replacement.
National network coverage
National network coverage
The Beame Stolen Vehicle Recovery device is active at all times and transmits signals to our National Control Centre, ready to locate your vehicle across the country.
Beame Smartphone App
Beame Smartphone App
The Beame Smartphone App makes it easy to check on your unit’s battery status, report a stolen vehicle and request your insurance certificate.


  • Beame for me

    Get your stolen vehicle recovery needs simply sorted with Beame’s Bundle Plan
  • Beame Protect

    Additional value on services for existing customers. New customers can register once they receive a Beame.
  • Beame for my business

    Get your stolen vehicle recovery needs simply sorted with Beame’s Business Bundle Plan.

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Read what our customers have to say:

  • "You recovered our Toyota Hilux twice in 15 months ... great service and absolute money's worth!!!"
    Jeanne Schutte
  • "What a fantastic job ... recovered our client's vehicle, after it was stolen early on Sunday morning. Well done, team!"
    Barker Insurance
  • "... on Saturday morning my Toyota Hilux was stolen and today I got a phone call that my car was recovered. I cannot thank you guys enough ..."
    Marcus Hack
  • "... I dealt with Simone. … friendly helpful, not pushy. A pleasure to deal with."
    Jeremy Dannheisser
  • "Beame agent, Michael, was incredibly helpful … phoned me every 10 minutes to make sure that I was ok, and to notify me of the location of my car. … I am so grateful ..."
  • "BIG THANK YOU!!! ... Twice in two months you have recovered my car. ... THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!"
    Patrick Tillman
  • "... you are the best! It was recovered within an hour after I had reported it."
    Bongani Mashile
  • "... my hero, as a mother trusting Beame to protect her son's car, you came out on top ... #‎gratitude."
    Sandra Struthers Botha
  • "Beame recovered our Hilux twice in one week. … Thank you, Beame, for awesome service."
  • "My husband was hijacked right outside our home. … I spoke to Michael, who acted quickly and kept me updated. … with the help of Beame, I got my car back in perfect condition!"
    Asgari Khan
  • "… three armed men pulled me out of my car, threw me onto the ground and drove away with my car. I had a Beame … it wasn't long before I was notified that my car had been found recovered."
    Clement Tholoana

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