Fleet Tracking Systems

Track vehicles and monitor driver behaviour through real-time, 360°-visibility of your entire fleet with MiX Telematics.

MiX Telematics offers you a full range of fleet tracking solutions to manage a highly efficient and safe operation.

Features at a Glance:

GPS Vehicle Tracking
Get a real-time view of vehicle or asset locations.
Reduce Fuel & Maintenance Costs
Proactively manage & prevent bad driving habits.
Monitor & Manage Driver Behaviour
Receive driving event & violation notifications.
Improve Productivity & Service Efficiency
Assign jobs to the closest drivers in real-time, quickly & efficiently.
Automated Service & Licencing Reminders
Maintain the highest levels of safety & compliance for your fleet.
Improved Reporting &
Data Insights
Get the data you need to understand the utilisation of your assets.

Improve your profitability with safer & more efficient fleet operations

Whatever your fleet tracking requirements, MiX Telematics gives you real-time access to information about your vehicles and drivers with a host of features, tools, and reports.

From live GPS tracking, to saving fuel and improving safety and compliance, we provide customised tracking solutions suited to your exact requirements.

  • Customisable reports available
  • Improve use of fleet resources
  • Access all your telematics data from a single platform
  • Full range of value-added accessories & services
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Our Fleet Tracking Devices & Software:

MiX 4000 On-Board Computer

  • Trip data recording (incl. vehicle speed, engine speed, engine temperature, fuel consumption, trip start and end times), driving violations, driver identification, access control, user defined events
  • Second-by-second data recording (tachograph), servicing & licensing reminders
  • Active & passive GPS tracking, manage user-defined locations (e.g. no-go zones)
  • Active event notifications (e.g. cargo door open)
    • CANbus integration
    • Integration with various accessories

MiX Fleet Manager Web Platform &
Mobile App

  • Easy & convenient tracking with Web and Mobile accessibility
  • Insightful data and actionable intelligence on demand
  • Provides real-time information on current & historical vehicle locations & driver behaviour
  • Monitor:
    • Speed
    • Driving direction
    • Ignition status
    • Driving violations
    • Trail of where the asset has been
  • Take immediate corrective action & send messages to and from assets and/or drivers

MiX Trip Reports & Vehicle Utilisation

  • Provides rich, customisable reports allowing for trend analysis
  • Analyse data on driver behaviour and fuel consumption for more effective management
  • Provide insight into journeys undertaken by drivers;
    • Exceptions (e.g. entry into no-go zones)
    • Driving violations (e.g. over-speeding)
    • Trip start date & time
    • Start and end locations
    • Trip distance
    • Driving, idling and parking time
    • Associated driver & more

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MiX Telematics Solutions

Competitor Solutions

Asset Tracking X
Asset Activity Tracking X
Asset Location Tracking X
Asset Audit Trail X
Asset Check-in/Check out X
Historical Reporting
Mobile Tracking
People Tracking X
Real-Time Tracking
Routing X
Status Tracking
Territory Management
Vehicle Tracking


What our customers have to say:

Since implementing MiX Telematics’s solution, TOTAL Marketing and Services saw a 17.54% reduction in severe braking and harsh acceleration events, and an 88.89% reduction in over-speeding.
In 3 months, Unitrans South Africa recorded a rapid improvement in fuel consumption with calculated savings of R66 000 per month operating a fleet of over 1 500 vehicles.
Allied Transport reduced over-speeding by 10.41 hours and dramatically decreased operating costs leading to overall fuel savings of R24 024 per year.

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Simply contact us for a quote. Once installed, you’ll be on your way to optimising your fleet operation.

Immediately begin viewing your fleet operation in action, with 360°-visibility, and start reducing risky events such as harsh braking or acceleration, over-speeding or excessive distances driven.

  • Increase operation efficiency
  • Improve safety of employees & assets
  • Maintain the highest levels of compliance
  • Increase personal & vehicle security
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