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ITA Transportes

ITA Transportes reduces fuel consumption, operating costs and clutch interventions by adopting a comprehensive MiX by Powerfleet solution.
ITA Transportes - Public Transport
ITA Transportes has a large fleet of 1,800 vehicles so they wanted a telematics solution with a tracking feature to gain more visibility. The solution also needed to help with improving overall performance. MiX Fleet Manager was chosen because not only does it have the necessary tracking ability, it also has a multitude of performance and efficiency features.
"By managing safety-related events, we have had great benefits with regards to fuel consumption. We have experienced a 14.8% improvement and today the system practically pays for itself with just the savings it provides us"
Gustavo Letierri, Unit Manager, ITA Transportes

MiX Fleet Manager monitors vehicle parameters (such as fuel consumption) via sensors and the CAN bus of vehicles. It provides notifications to alert drivers if they exceed predetermined parameters so that they can self-correct themselves. In addition, it provides a driver identification feature and the ability to monitor maintenance schedules so that ITA Transportes can send vehicles in for a service in a timely manner.

After implementation, ITA Transportes saw a myriad of great results. Their fuel consumption dropped by 18%, operating costs were reduced by 40% and clutch interventions were lowered by a massive 90%. Monitoring maintenance schedules more effectively has led to fewer breakdowns and more vehicle availability. Even drivers have reported being more satisfied with their jobs as they are now more confident in their abilities on the road and are increasing their skills with the help of in-cab interventions.

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Dennis Ferreira

02 Dezembro 2019

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