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Viação Santa Brígida

By implementing MiX Fleet Manager, Viação Santa Brígida, saw a significant reduction in maintenance costs and fuel consumption, as well as an increase in operational safety.
Viação Santa Brígida - Public Transport
Viação Santa Brígida had seen that their day-to-day fleet operations are being negatively affected by engine faults, fuel consumption and a brake system with limited mileage. They wanted to gain more insight into these factors and use telematics data to make more informed decisions
"With the help of telematics, we now have more targeted safety information about braking, acceleration, cornering and speeding. Today, we can understand in a very precise way that is happening in our fleet so that we can guide our drivers and seek to uphold the best practices"
Fernando Cesar, Maintenance Manager, Viação Santa Brígida

With the assistance of Mip Medidores, a MiX by Powerfleet channel partner, Viação Santa Brígida implemented MiX Fleet Manager. This is a solution which connects to the CAN bus of vehicles to collect second-by-second data about individual driving styles, fuel consumption, driving events (such as speeding), maintenance issues and much more. The first phase was done without driver knowledge to establish an accurate baseline of activities. After the pilot, drivers were informed and given knowledge about driving events and what actions they can take to improve their skills and prevent incidents.

After a step-by-step, in-depth implementation program, Viação Santa Brígida saw a reduction in maintenance costs and fuel consumption, reduction in time between driving events, increase in operational safety and even an improvement in the relationship between drivers and fleet managers.

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Dennis Ferreira

12 Novembro 2019

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