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Grupo NSÓ

Based in Brazil, Grupo NSÓ brings together several passenger transportation services operating in São Paulo, including Viação Santa Brígida, Auto Viação Urubupungá, Urubupungá Transportes e Turismo, Viação Cidade de Caieiras, PrimeBus, and Censo.
Case Study - Grupo NSÓ
Looking to boost fleet efficiency, Grupo NSÓ sought a solution to help them improve overall operational management for better safety, sustainability, and customer experience. To achieve this, they needed a technological solution with useful data reporting features to guide new strategies for improvement.
"After the use of assisted driving, we were able to monitor the vehicles in real time. Today we have the best factors for evaluating operational performance, whether by driver, line, or vehicle, with the method inspired by the current driving reliability measurement format (MKBE). So much so, that we started the project with the group’s MKBE in 7 km, and today it is 288 km per event."
Daniel Coutinho, Supervisor of Onboard Technology, Grupo NSÓ.

Since the implementation of technological solutions from MiX, Grupo NSÓ has seen significant improvement in customer satisfaction, fuel efficiency, and driver behaviour. 

Using MiX technology, the company has been able to monitor drivers and utilise performance indicators to help them improve driving habits. In fact, the company has seen a reduction in speeding as well as harsh braking and cornering, resulting in fewer accidents and passenger falls during trips. This has already reduced customer complaints by 6.2% for the group. 

As a result of improved driver habits, Grupo NSÓ has also seen a reduction in fuel consumption, saving them on operational costs. With driver tracking and monitoring, the group’s drivers have also become more engaged and eager to improve their performance stats. 

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30 Março 2023
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