Coopertrans Logistics

Coopertrans Logistics, specialist in transporting packaged and liquid chemical cargoes in bulk, sees 80% increase in fleet efficiency with MiX Telematics.
"Telematics solutions are aimed at companies that want to better manage their fleets, ensure driver safety and efficiently track their vehicles. These solutions also help to reduce negative environmental impact by improving fuel consumption, managing tyre rotation and better defining routes, among other things."
Bruno dos Santos, Sales and Services Manager, MiX Telematics Brazil

Efficiency and safety were front-of-mind for Coopertrans Logistics when looking for a telematics solution. Prior to implementation, the company had collected their speed data with a tachograph, and it would take 15 to 20 days to receive the data for analysis. Because of this, Coopertrans Logistics could not take corrective action in time.

With the implementation of the MiX Fleet Manager solution, Coopertrans Logistics can now monitor peaks in speed daily. This is very important as excessive speed can be dangerous when transporting chemical loads. In addition to this, they now know if drivers are braking too excessively, what road conditions are, where drivers are stopped and the duration of events. Coopertrans Logistics also employs MiX Hours of Service to help them comply with Brazilian working hours laws and implement driver identification.

Coopertrans Logistics very quickly saw an 80% reduction in accidents, an 8% reduction in fuel consumption and a 25% reduction in maintenance costs. This led to an overall improvement in their fleet’s safety and efficiency.

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Dennis Ferreira

11 Novembro 2019

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