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UK-based waste management stalwart changes to MiX by Powerfleet

Boca Raton, Florida & Birmingham, UK - 24 November, 2021 - MiX by Powerfleet (JSE: MIX, NYSE: MIXT), a leading global SaaS provider of connected fleet management solutions, is pleased to announce that waste management company, Monks Contractors have chosen MiX as their new telematics partner.

Monks Contractors have operated for over 25 years and required a reliable fleet management solution provider with unrivalled customer service.

With MiX by Powerfleet, who have also operated for over 25 years, the company now has access to real-time vehicle tracking data, complete with hours of service (HOS) compliance management and experienced industry-specific customer success support for the connected vehicles within their fleet.

“We are thrilled to be selected by Monks Contractors as their new telematics and driver safety partner. It’s apparent that our organizations share a passion and enthusiasm for improving safety and environmental sustainability. We are looking forward to working alongside Monks with many successful years ahead,” says Richard Adams, Sales Director at MiX by Powerfleet Europe.

“We recently decided to switch our telematics provider and now that we’ve partnered with MiX, we are keen to fully utilize the extensive solution, focusing on the real-time driver coaching capability that has been implemented in our vehicles. We aim to run an efficient fleet and as our business grows, we are looking for the best ways to enhance our drivers’ behaviors. Tools like the real-time in-cab coach and the post-trip MyMiX driver engagement app will help us to tackle these issues. We look forward to rewarding and coaching our drivers in the most effective way,” says James   Styles,   Fleet Supervisor at Monks Contractors.

About MiX by Powerfleet

MiX by Powerfleet develops and implements connected fleet and mobile asset management solutions for customers across the globe. Our SaaS enabled software is developed to meet our customers’ requirements and aims to build long-term partnerships.

Founded in 1996, our heritage spans more than 25 years. Built on a solid foundation of deep-rooted expertise, we continue to hone our fleet management capabilities that are underpinned by innovation. This is evident throughout our product portfolio that meets the breadth of modern fleet challenges in an evolving industry.

Our products and services reach more than 120 countries and are supported by a prolific network of 130 channel partners and regional offices in 8 countries.

Contact MiX by Powerfleet to discuss how we can solve your fleet management problems and increase efficiency, sustainability, security, compliance and safety.

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