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Fleet Management Solutions for

Food Manufacturing And Processing

Eliminate spoiled and damaged goods while providing fast and safe delivery, every time.

Connects the vehicle, protects the operator and provides actionable insights for fleet managers.


Eliminate Spoilage And Damage

Eliminate Spoilage And Damage

Getting your cargo, whether it be food or beverages or both, to its destination in the most optimal condition is integral to providing good service to your customers and upholding your reputation in the industry. Our temperature control tracking tools ensures that the integrity of goods is maintained from when it’s loaded onto the delivery vehicle to when it’s delivered. As soon as the temperature within the storage area goes below or above a certain predefined limit, real-time alerts are sent out so that immediate action can be taken to fix the problem to avoid any spoiled or ruined goods. In addition to temperature control, our telematics technology monitors any reckless driving behaviors, such as hard cornering, harsh braking, or speeding, that may result in damage to goods or spillage while in transit. Smooth vehicle handling is key to delivering goods in the condition they are meant to be.
Optimized Route Management For Fast Delivery

Optimized Route Management For Fast Delivery

With route management tools, you can gather a variety of data points that will help you determine whether the routes being taken are as efficient as they can be as well as where improvement can be made for faster delivery. Software like MiX Journey Management can tell you how long it takes for a driver to reach a particular location, where traffic hotspots are, arrival and departure times from locations or sites, the amount of time it takes for a driver to load or unload cargo, which locations are most frequently visited and so forth. Not only can this help you plan routes more efficiently so that customers get their goods on time but also limit idling and fuel consumption.
Smoother And Safer Vehicle Handling

Smoother And Safer Vehicle Handling

When time is of the essence in offering a service, there is often the danger that drivers will speed or engage in aggressive driving simply to get to their next destination within a certain timeframe. With a telematics solution, you can improve the safety of your drivers while still getting the job done. This is achieved in two ways. Firstly, by tracking drivers who are speeding or engaging in harsh braking or acceleration, sending drivers real-time alerts when certain driving events occur and offering them training to drive more carefully to reduce risk. Secondly, you can improve your scheduling by monitoring and analysing routes and vehicle utilization to see whether sufficient time is being given to drivers to do what they need to or whether certain drivers can be rerouted. With less pressure to complete a task, a driver is less likely to drive risky and less likely to get into an accident. Your drivers get home safe at the end of the day while your fleet still stays productive.
Reduced Fuel Usage

Reduced Fuel Usage

Increasingly, the application of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to interpret and synthesise precious customer insights from raw materials and mines of data will prove invaluable in achieving fleet sustainability outcomes that also power business objectives. Fleet management technology is evolving at a considerable rate and it's something that customers will benefit from, especially for their sustainability programmes.
Increased Customer Satisfaction

Increased Customer Satisfaction

It’s more cost-effective to retain customers than it is to acquire new ones. Therefore customer satisfaction should be top of mind. We offer fleet management solutions that help you deliver goods faster, more efficiently and in good condition. This is done through improved driver behavior, such as smoother cornering, so that cargo arrives at its destination intact, tracking drivers’ location in real-time so that the nearest person to a customer’s location is sent out to ensure speedy delivery and temperature control analytics to limit the risk of perishable goods getting spoiled in transit. We also give you access to accurate ETAs to give your customers peace of mind and limit any frustration that may arise from poor communication.


"MiX by Powerfleet provides food manufacturing and processing industry leaders with the technological tools and intelligence they need to enhance their operations, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction and commercial viability. With solutions for asset tracking, real-time fleet management and AI dash cam video, fleet managers can truly maintain an efficient fleet which is an important pillar in any company’s success."
Lisa, Global Head of Customer Success


Route optimization

Route optimization

MiX Journey Management
This electronic journey planning solution does away with error-prone manual route management and has been found to be ideal for cargo-carrying fleets. MiX Journey Management helps you plan journeys online from start to finish and calculates a risk rating for every trip to allow for conscientious decision-making. Real-time notifications are sent out regarding route deviations, status updates, route progress and more. This allows for flexible workflow management and the ability to make decisions based on current circumstances. MiX Journey Management also includes electronic road hazard assessments and static compliance checks.
Vehicle and driver location

Vehicle and Driver Location

MyMiX Tracking app
Tracking your drivers as they deliver time-sensitive goods is now super simple with the MyMiX Tracking app. Drivers simply download the app, verify their identify and then get moving! No hardware installation needed. This solution monitors real-time movement while also tracking the occurrence of risky or inefficient driving behaviors such as speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking and more. To protect goods in transit, your drivers are notified in real-time via in-app alerts when they are engaging in behaviors that might cause an accident or damage the goods they’re transporting.
Vehicle telematics

Vehicle telematics

MiX 2310
This hardware is ideal for any mixed fleet that requires essential vehicle tracking features. It offers driver route and driver behavior monitoring as well as reminders for upcoming vehicle services and license renewals. The MiX 2310 also includes tamperproof hardware housing, an in-vehicle driver feedback buzzer for risky driving events notifications and real-time tracking with positional updates. This OBC also integrates with a reporting suite that sends regular updates via email to relevant persons that helps assist with immediate intervention when critical events occur.


MiX by Powerfleet has been in business for decades and in that time we have seen consistent results across all types of industries with fleets of all sizes:


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Tracking has become so commonplace that it’s essential for all fleets to have a telematics solution installed that always monitors the location of their vehicles to prevent misuse, increase efficiency and reduce costs, among other things. Check out the benefits of vehicle and asset tracking:

Why Choose MiX by Powerfleet

For your Food Manufacturing And Processing Fleet

  • Global Leaders

    Global leader in connected fleet telematics according to ABI Research

  • Unparalleled geographic coverage

    Unparalleled geographic coverage in more than 120 countries

  • Key Vertical Segments

    Specializing in key vertical segments

  • Award-winning SaaS platform

    Leading user experience and user interface via an award-winning SaaS platform

  • 98% customer retention rate

    98% customer retention rate

  • More than 30 years' industry experience

    More than 30 years' industry experience

  • 4000+ global fleet customers

    4000+ global fleet customers

  • 130+ channel partners

    130+ channel partners

  • Connect and Protect Fleet Operations

    We move the world forward by connecting and protecting customers' fleet operations

  • 540,000 tons of CO2 saved

    Technology that helps save 540,000 tons of CO2 annually

  • Helping to avert 23,500 Collisions per year

  • Solutions that ahciece safety, sustainability, compliance and efficiency targets

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