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MiX by Powerfleet at Coach & Bus UK 2017

With a strong emphasis on safety, maximising efficiency in operation and encouraging driver engagement, MiX by Powerfleet will be exhibiting four key elements of its fleet management solution – MiX Vision, RIBAS, MyMiX and MiX DriveMate  – on its stand, J25 in Hall 17, at Coach & Bus UK (National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, 4-5 October 2017).

"For every bus and coach operator, safety and efficiency in operation are crucial to the overall success of the business," says Richard Adams, Sales Director for MiX by Powerfleet Europe.  "While operators naturally do everything they can to ensure the best possible performance in both of these important areas, decisions taken by drivers out on the road also have a huge bearing on what actually happens in practice.  That is why in addition to the various safety- and performance-enhancing aspects of our Fleet Manager solution, such as MiX Vision and RIBAS, we also encourage our customers to ensure they are communicating with their drivers efficiently.  This helps ensure they are fully engaged in the process and is where MyMiX and MiX DriveMate really come into their own."
The MiX by Powerfleet products on display at Coach & Bus are:

MiX Vision

MiX Vision is a dual road-facing and driver-facing video image recording system.  Located within the vehicle, and configurable to be triggered by a wide range of events, MiX Vision simultaneously captures high quality images of the road ahead and inside the driving compartment.  To facilitate night time recordings, the driver-facing camera records infra-red light.  The system also includes a microphone, thereby enabling sound on all captures. As such, MiX Vision provides a comprehensive and unique record of conditions in front of and inside the vehicle should any incidents occur.
Whenever an event is triggered, the eight seconds of video prior to the event and seven seconds after it are uploaded to the MiX Fleet Manager secure portal.  To reduce download times and save on data transfer costs, operators can access low-resolution videos on demand, with high resolution clips available on request.  The system is also able to provide 2.5-minute-long high resolution video data from any time within the previous 72-hours of a vehicle's operation.


RIBAS is an optional in-cab driving aid which forms part of the Telematics Fleet Manager solution.  RIBAS features a dashboard-mounted display unit with an array of Green/Amber/Red status lights.  These provide instant feedback to reflect the current driving-style by telling the driver when he or she is driving correctly, when a pre-programmed operational parameter is in danger of being exceeded, and when a parameter has been exceeded.  In this way, RIBAS works pro-actively to help drivers stay within their vehicle's pre-programmed safety and efficiency parameters at all times.
The green status light, which takes the form of a MiX by Powerfleet logo at the foot of the display unit, indicates that a vehicle is being driven correctly.  In such circumstances, this is the only light illuminated on the display.
The amber and red status lights are incorporated into the icons appearing alongside the RIBAS letters, each of which stands for a pre-programmed operational parameter where:
R = over Revving
I =  excessive Idling
B = harsh Braking
A = harsh Acceleration
S = over Speeding


MiX by Powerfleet has created a unique portal for drivers to access their own performance data and see how they are performing against site averages for key statistics. This portal is streamlined to provide information on their driver scores over selectable time periods and by vehicle. Accessible via desktop PC, Smartphone and Tablets, this application involves drivers tangibly in business improvement.  To ensure the system is being utilised to best effect, the MiX by Powerfleet team of industry-specialist consultants can provide ongoing support to customers and their drivers by way of regular driver clinics.

MiX DriveMate

MiX Drive Mate is an in-vehicle display unit designed to help improve performance out on the road.  By providing drivers with at-a-glance driving style information, MiX Drive Mate delivers its message in a clear, simple and unambiguous manner.  In addition, MiX Drive Mate incorporates a number of user-friendly features, including company ID badge identification, privacy management and a business/private use mode.
MiX Drive Mate provides the driver with instantaneous feedback through a series of 'traffic light' style LEDs to let him or her know how well they are doing in terms of their driving performance measured against a set of pre-set parameters, including over-speeding, harsh acceleration and harsh braking.  In this way, MiX Drive Mate helps reduce road risk and provides a user-friendly, in-vehicle way for drivers to monitor their driving style and take corrective action when necessary.  In addition to the light bar display, MiX Drive Mate also features an alarm button and buzzer.
Driver engagement is promoted and encouraged via a purpose-designed App, which can be downloaded from Apple Store for iPhones or Google Play Store for Android.  The system is offered with a flexible range of fitment options and can be installed in all types of coaches.

About MiX by Powerfleet

MiX by Powerfleet develops and implements connected fleet and mobile asset management solutions for customers across the globe. Our SaaS enabled software is developed to meet our customers’ requirements and aims to build long-term partnerships.

Founded in 1996, our heritage spans more than 25 years. Built on a solid foundation of deep-rooted expertise, we continue to hone our fleet management capabilities that are underpinned by innovation. This is evident throughout our product portfolio that meets the breadth of modern fleet challenges in an evolving industry.

Our products and services reach more than 120 countries and are supported by a prolific network of 130 channel partners and regional offices in 8 countries.

Contact MiX by Powerfleet to discuss how we can solve your fleet management problems and increase efficiency, sustainability, security, compliance and safety.

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