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MiX by Powerfleet grows market share in Brazil

Boca Raton, Fl – 12 March, 2019 – Based on the growing demand for telematics solutions by companies across the world, MiX by Powerfleet – a leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions – has seized the opportunity to assist Brazilian businesses with achieving their safety, efficiency, security and compliance goals.

With over two decades of experience in the telematics industry and the most wide-ranging portfolio of telematics solutions, MiX has helped customers achieve significant savings and improve driver safety, globally. In Brazil, where MiX has had a direct presence since 2013, a number of customers from the Bus and Coach industry as well as Transport and Logistics have recently adopted MiX’s premium fleet management solution.

Given the need for reliable and secure event reporting across Brazil’s expansive territory, fleet owners are looking to telematics to assist them in knowing where their vehicles are at all times and how their vehicles are being driven. Whether it’s passengers or cargo, these vehicles are valuable assets that transport goods and services that are the building blocks of the Brazilian economy. “It’s therefore imperative that fleets are equipped with the latest technology to drive down costs but also to increase safety.” said Luiz Munhoz, Managing Director, MiX by Powerfleet Brazil.

“MiX’s reputation in the region is growing well as we continue to provide our customers with great service and, enable them to have full visibility of their fleet and driver performance.”

About MiX by Powerfleet

MiX by Powerfleet develops and implements connected fleet and mobile asset management solutions for customers across the globe. Our SaaS enabled software is developed to meet our customers’ requirements and aims to build long-term partnerships.

Founded in 1996, our heritage spans more than 25 years. Built on a solid foundation of deep-rooted expertise, we continue to hone our fleet management capabilities that are underpinned by innovation. This is evident throughout our product portfolio that meets the breadth of modern fleet challenges in an evolving industry.

Our products and services reach more than 120 countries and are supported by a prolific network of 130 channel partners and regional offices in 8 countries.

Contact MiX by Powerfleet to discuss how we can solve your fleet management problems and increase efficiency, sustainability, security, compliance and safety.

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