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The Importance of Tracking Non Core Vehicles in Your Fleet

Failing to track non core vehicles leaves your business open to major blind spots that can ultimately sink incoming profits.

There’s a common misconception that business owners must have a minimum amount of vehicles at their disposal to be considered a fleet. That couldn’t be more inaccurate. The local plumbing company with four maintenance vans and one company vehicle? That’s a fleet. The freight company with nine flatbeds and a current lease? That’s a fleet, too. No matter if your fleet is five automobiles or 25, you should still track each one — and track non-core vehicles as well.

Nearly every fleet manager has at least one non-core vehicle among their dynamic fleet. These cars, trucks, and vans help keep normal business operations afloat. However, failing to track these non-core vehicles leaves a business open to major blind spots that can ultimately sink incoming profits. Take a look at the importance of tracking non-core vehicles in your fleet, and how private car trackers can help.

Why Track Non-Core Vehicles in the First Place?

Regardless of make, model, or size, the sole qualifications for an automobile to be considered a fleet vehicle is to be owned by the company and utilized for company business. In comparison, a non-core vehicle is an automobile that is not considered an immediate part of the fleet. These vehicles are typically owned or leased by an individual, rather than the business. For instance, the commercial or rental car the fleet manager uses to check on deliveries is likely a non-core vehicle.

However, just because non-core vehicles aren’t readily used to haul freight or carry technicians, doesn’t make them a lesser part of a dynamic fleet. These automobiles are often key to daily operations and help employees travel between offices or job sites. Just like other trucks or vans in the fleet, non-core vehicles must be tracked to maintain proper upkeep, insurance rates, and overall costs.

Take a look at some of the advantages of tracking non-core fleet vehicles.

1. Eliminate Blind Spots

As a fleet manager or business owner, one of the first lessons you’ll teach your drivers is to be wary of blind spots, or areas of the road that are obscured from vision. But are you taking your own advice and keeping watch for blind spots in your business? Organizations of all types have blind spots, and fleets are no exception. By tracking non-core vehicles in your fleet, you can prevent overlooking items that have the potential to snowball once neglected for too long.

For instance, unauthorized or misuse of a non-core vehicle, such as the use of the vehicle outside of work hours or designated areas, can cost your business money. Not to mention, unauthorized use can cause extreme potential liability risks, especially if the vehicle is a rental or lease. Dangerous driving behaviors, such as excessive speed, can also be a potential liability.

Tracking non-core fleet vehicles with telematics software allows managers access to after-hours and geo-fencing alerts. This way, you can know exactly when a non-core car is traveling outside of an established boundary, where they’re headed, and how fast they’re going. So, you can say goodbye to blind spots and unexpected expenses.

2. Improve Asset Utilization

In a mission to avoid blind spots in the business, fleet managers should also tackle issues of asset utilization. The fact of the matter is, no business can afford to have paid assets parked in a lot unused all day — even the most successful fleet companies. When dynamic fleet assets such as non-core vehicles are not utilized to full capacity, businesses can lose both time and money.

Tracking non-core vehicles alongside fleet vehicles allows company operators to improve asset utilization as well as boost the overall efficiency of the fleet. Fleet managers can track non-core vehicles by the minute, keeping a record of the time spent on the road and the time spent sitting in the company parking lot. This allows managers to enhance asset utilization and reduce unnecessary costs.

3. Optimize for Costs

Speaking of reducing unnecessary costs, tracking non-core vehicles can help optimize the finances of a dynamic fleet. Nearly 70% of small to mid-size fleets report increasing maintenance and fuel costs are their number one challenge. Tracking non-core vehicles alongside routine fleet vehicles allows managers to better understand when, where, and how much each automobile is fueling up and when their next tune-up is due.

Likewise, by monitoring fuel consumption and costs — as well as real-time vehicle location — managers can put a stop to unnecessary vehicle uses. For instance, some small fleets allow employees to bring their vehicles home between shifts. While this is a fantastic gesture, excessive or unauthorized use paves the way to higher fuel costs and additional tune-ups, which can be avoided with proper real-time location tracking.

Who Can Benefit from Tracking Non-Core Vehicles?

In the same way that the number of vehicles you own does not dictate whether or not you have a fleet, the type of industry you’re in does not sway whether or not you should track non-core vehicles. A dynamic fleet can consist of cars, trucks, vans, or a combination of all of the above. All business owners can benefit from tracking company vehicles actively used for business and those used by individuals in the company.

Industries that can benefit from tracking non-core vehicles include, but are not limited to:

  • Large-scale freight suppliers
  • Maintenance or service providers
  • Furniture or appliance delivery
  • Food and beverage delivery
  • Laundry delivery services
  • Flower delivery services
  • Mobile pet groomers

Types of Vehicles Compatible with a Private Car Tracker

Private car trackers are the most common choice when tracking non-core vehicles. Yet, despite the “car” in the name, fleet managers can track any vehicle with a company car tracker, not just small passenger vehicles.

Types of non-core vehicles you can track include:

  • Grey fleets
  • Private cars
  • Company cars
  • Leased vehicles
  • Sub-contracted vehicles
  • Short-term rentals for travel or maintenance

Is Tracking Non-Core Vehicles Cost-Prohibitive?

Many fleet managers stray from the thought of vehicle tracking devices because they believe it’s cost-prohibitive. Flashbacks of bulky hardware and lengthy installation processes paired with sky-high costs make it seem impractical. Fortunately, with the updated MyMiX Fleet Tracking App, affordable fleet tracking is now just a few taps away.

MyMiX Tracking is an app-based solution that provides real-time tracking and updates into dynamic fleet vehicles, all without the need to install hardware. All it takes is the installation of one mobile app on a driver’s smartphone for fleet managers to effectively monitor vehicles on the dashboard and optimize for efficiency. Pay one flat subscription fee, along with a minimal shipping and handling monthly fee, with no surprise costs or extra charges for installation.

Ensure a Dynamic Fleet with MyMiX Tracking

MyMiX is an affordable option for tracking non-core vehicles and the price tag is just a fraction of what this telematics software has to offer. MyMiX Tracking opens up the possibility of coverage for vehicles in a diverse and dynamic fleet.

Some of the additional benefits of mobile fleet management with the MyMiX Tracking app include:

  • Requires no installation process or excess hardware
  • Extends coverage to vehicles that are non-core or not owned by the business
  • Improves driver performance in real-time, utilizing in-cab alerts to better driver safety
  • Allows managers to scale fleets up or down according to demand, without worrying about installing or removing hardware

Now is the time to optimize your dynamic fleet and receive a complete tracking system for compliance, safety, efficiency, and customer service. Contact MiX Telematics today to get started.

The Importance of Tracking Non Core Vehicles in Your Fleet
non core vehicles
A fully-implemented and supported MiX Telematics solution is guaranteed to improve driver safety and reduce accident rates while also lowering risk, liability and cost.

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