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Leading in Plug and Play Telematics

Simplify fleet management with a versatile vehicle tracker

Innovating Fleet Management with Plug and Play

Revolutionize your fleet management with the innovative Plug and Play telematics offered by MiX. This cutting-edge solution ensures quick deployment, providing you with real-time insights to optimize your business operations.

Gain a competitive edge by effortlessly installing the MiX Plug & Play telematics device, allowing you to monitor all asset and vehicle movements around the clock without any downtime. This innovative tracking solution seamlessly integrates with MiX Telematics’ award-winning SaaS platform, empowering you to reduce costs, maximize time on the road or at job sites, improve operational and driver performance, and stay compliant.

With the MiX Plug & Play telematics device in place, you’ll have a comprehensive view of your vehicles and assets at your fingertips. Receive instant notifications directly to your mobile or email, enabling you to make critical business decisions when they matter most.

Seamless Self-Installation for Fleets

MiX Plug & Play is an efficient tracking solution that feeds all your fleet data into one, easy-to-use dashboard, with features and benefits that include:
  • Easy self-installation

  • See driving events

  • Trip distance and duration

  • Location visits

  • Live tracking

  • Alerts and notifications

  • Tamper alerts

Why MiX Plug & Play Stands Out?

Keeping track of your fleet is crucial for ensuring your business operates at full capacity. Tracking solutions, like MiX Plug & Play, allow you to monitor all asset and vehicle movements at any time of day without downtime.

You can reduce costs, maximize time on the road or at job sites, improve operational and driver performance, and stay compliant – all with an easy, self-install tracking device that’s integrated with MiX by Powerfleet’ award-winning SaaS platform.

With the MiX Plug & Play telematics device in place, you have a complete view of your vehicles and assets at any time, and notifications are sent directly to your mobile or email in real-time.

Have all the information at your fingertips and make critical business decisions when they matter most.

Key Advantages of Our Fleet Tracking System

Reduces Fuel Usage
Improves Vehicle Health Management
Optimizes Payroll Management
Improves Vehicle & Asset Utilization
Real-time Data Access

MIX Plug & Play: Features for Advanced Fleet Management

Quick and easy setup

Quick and easy setup

Forget about complicated hardware and software setups. Once you’ve signed up and checked out, we’ll ship your device to you. Easily install the device with no training required. You’re good to go as soon as Plug & Play is installed.
Easy-to-use Dashboard

Easy-to-use Dashboard

Access an interactive dashboard that makes it easy to see the information you need. You’ll find data on fuel efficiency, events, costs, trips, vehicle use, and more. The single-view layout presents the information in a way that is both detailed and intuitive.
Reduce Fuel Usage

Reduce Fuel Usage

Poor driving directly impacts how much fuel your fleet uses. Consider this: idling can use up to a half gallon of fuel per hour. Plug & Play gives you instant notifications about fuel-wasting activities such as excessive idling, over-revving, and speeding, allowing you to take action immediately.
Prevent Time Theft

Prevent Time Theft

Easily validate driver shift details by setting up geo-fences for locations such as work sites, popular lunch spots, or a driver’s home. You can choose to get notifications when drivers enter and exit these specific locations.
Optimize Your Payroll

Optimize Your Payroll

Correct, efficient, and accurate payroll depends on precise reporting of driving hours, especially over time. Our logbook and geofencing functionalities make this easy and accurate, eliminating paying for unauthorized trips.
Increase Vehicle Utilization

Increase Vehicle Utilization

If you’ve ever wondered if you have the expected number of vehicles on the road at certain times, we can help. Monitor how much time vehicles spend in certain areas, and the routes they take. With this information, you can easily see if and where resources are being either underutilized or overutilized.

    Fleet Monitoring for Vehicles & Drivers

    MiX Plug ‘n Play Telematics - OBD II

    An easy-to-use plug ‘n play device that you can self-install. Track fleet activities and get daily notifications about fleet performance to manage trips, lower fuel costs, monitor driver behavior and more.
    A user-friendly, plug-and-play device that allows for effortless self-installation. Keep tabs on your fleet's activities and receive daily notifications regarding its performance. Effectively manage trips, reduce fuel expenses, monitor driver behavior, and much more.
    • Easy Installation: Connect device to OBD II port
    • Flat Subscription fee: One-time payment for all services
    • No Installation Cost: No additional fees for setup

    Simplifying Fleet Upgrades with Easy Installation

    Upgrade your fleet effortlessly with MiX Plug & Play Telematics, providing user-friendly solutions for easy telematics installation. Explore how this intuitive system streamlines the installation process, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience. From delivery to activation, simplify your fleet upgrades with MiX Plug & Play, where easy telematics installation meets unparalleled efficiency.

    Who Benefits Most from Our Telematics Device?

    • Consumer services
    • Utilities
    • Delivery companies
    • Field underwriters
    • Passenger vehicles
    • Rental and leasing companies
    • Moving companies
    • Construction sub-contractor

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