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Fleet Solutions for the Food and Beverage Delivery Industry

The food and beverage delivery industry, as well as food truck fleets, are competitive industries. Getting a competitive edge is a requirement of running a successful fleet. MiX Telematics can give you that edge, helping you deliver faster than your competition.

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Whether your company delivers food and beverages to grocery stores or is comprised of food trucks for special events and regular lunch routes, your food delivery fleet management needs can be handled efficiently with MiX Telematics' fleet management solutions.

  • Real-time monitoring of driver behavior
  • Food delivery route optimization
  • Detailed reports on driver utilization
  • Driver training and scoring improvement
  • Lower fleet maintenance costs
  • Better fuel efficiency and lower costs

Our food delivery and food truck fleet management solutions give you the management tools you need to keep your food and beverage delivery trucks and food trucks running on time, while keeping up with proper maintenance.

Benefits of Telematics for Food, Beverage, and Food Truck Fleets

With the data and information you need just a few clicks away, you can improve driver safety and avoid accidents, evaluate maintenance and upkeep of your vehicles, manage your fuel spend, and improve your customer service.

One of the best ways to change poor driving habits in your fleet is to provide relevant, ongoing training. This can reduce or even eliminate the risks encountered by fleet drivers. MiX Telematics fleet management solutions for food trucks and food delivery services gives you an essential tool for driver training. In addition to tracking driver performance, it can help your drivers learn and retain knowledge.

  • Improve Driver Safety and Avoid Risks

    Your trucks and your drivers represent your business to your customers, which makes their performance an essential part of your operation. Unsafe and reckless drivers can have negative consequences for your business, such as causing accidents that raise your insurance premiums.

  • Manage Vehicle Maintenance

    When you buy a truck for your fleet, you know that maintenance costs will increase over the vehicle’s lifetime, and ultimately affect the total cost of ownership (TCO). While age is a predictor of maintenance costs, another predictor is the quality and consistency of maintenance. That’s why it is vital for fleet managers and owners to minimize these costs as much as possible.

    Installing telematics is one of the best ways to ensure that your vehicles receive regular maintenance. By automating the process, you will receive alerts that help you schedule your maintenance and avoid unexpected repairs that keep trucks out of service.

  • Manage Fuel Spend Better

    Fuel costs are one of the trickiest things to manage for your food delivery fleet. They often represent about 60% of a fleet’s operating costs. And, they can be challenging to control since fuel prices fluctuate based on a variety of factors that are out of your control. With Mix Telematics, you can closely monitor your fleet’s fuel consumption and take action to reduce it. We can monitor your fleet’s fuel consumption and package the results in reports that make it easy to digest and analyze. You’ll be able to see the big picture and drill down to see each driver’s fuel usage.

  • Improve Customer Service

    With the tools for better food delivery route optimization, you’ll be better able to serve your customers. Your trucks will be on time or even early. You’ll know ahead of time if there is traffic, construction, or other delays and can instantly reroute your trucks. If one of your trucks is in an accident or delayed, you can send the nearest truck and optimize all your trucks' routing to maintain your schedule. Deliveries will be on time, and your customers will be happy.

  • Stay in Compliance with Regulations

    Keeping your food and beverage or food truck fleet in compliance with regulations is more important now than ever. Lack of transparency and accountability can result in severe fines and penalties that can harm your business and your reputation. MiX Telematics offers a range of products and services that help you comply with the difficult health, safety, and environmental (HSE) regulations. You can schedule compliance activities and follow-ups. All your compliance information can be accessed at a glance through your dashboard, and you can generate reports on hours logged, driver behavior, and more.

With MiX Telematics, you can increase your fleet’s safety, reduce fuel consumption, lower the frequency of vehicle maintenance, and remain in compliance with Health and Safety standards. With the increased visibility we give you, you’ll save time, effort, and money.

Food Delivery Fleet Management FAQ

How much does it cost to start a food truck?
The popularity of food trucks has risen in many cities, mainly because of their relatively low operating costs. Although they require far less investment than a brick-and-mortar location, they still need some investment. The costs vary from state to state, depending on licenses, permits, and other fees.
How do I reduce my food delivery fuel costs?
With MiX Telematics' food delivery fleet management solutions, you can track and monitor driver behaviors such as harsh braking, speeding, and excessive idling, which can help reduce fuel costs. In addition, you can optimize your routes so that your fleet runs more efficiently.
How do I reduce accidents?
By tracking and monitoring your drivers, you can develop training programs that help improve driver safety and minimize the occurrence of accidents.
How do I track my assets?
With MiX Telematics, you can easily track and locate your assets at any time. You’ll know exactly where they are and how they are being used, thus preventing potential theft and misuse.

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