GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits

Fleet management can be challenging and complicated. MiX Telematics can help you keep your fleet running smoothly, safely & in regulatory compliance.

Managing a fleet of vehicles can sometimes seem like herding cats. You’ve got vehicles on the road that need to stay on schedule, adhere to safety standards, and more. As a fleet manager, you need to reduce risks, maximize profitability, and control costs. It’s a big job with many moving parts.

Vehicle acquisition, fuel management, vehicle maintenance, meeting compliance requirements, and controlling costs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fleet management. Juggling these priorities can seem like an impossible task. And then there is everything else. Sometimes it seems like avoiding information overload is a job in and of itself.

MiX Telematics GPS fleet management software can help you with all of this. We can give you insight into the operation of your fleet and put the information at your fingertips with customized reporting. By combining basic telematics with the right mix of additional tools and enablers, you can get actionable information to solve complicated vehicle and driver-related issues. MiX Telematics can help you keep your fleet running smoothly, safely, and in regulatory compliance.

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Companies That Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

Any business that has vehicles on the road can benefit from GPS fleet tracking. If you need to know where your vehicles are, schedule deliveries and trips, and move goods from one place to another, GPS fleet tracking makes your job easier and more efficient.

  • Public Utilities
  • Public Transportation
  • Landscaping Companies
  • Oil & Gas Companies
  • Transport and Distribution
  • Consumer Goods
  • Security Companies
  • Rental and Leasing
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Governments
  • Emergency Services
  • Pest Control Companies

GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits

MiX Telematics solutions take information such as vehicle location, driver behavior and vehicle activity and give you insight into the day-to-day as well as the monthly and yearly performance of your fleet. No matter what kind of business or how big, if you have vehicles on the road, MiX Telematics GPS fleet tracking software can help keep your fleet running smoothly and profitably.

Optimizing productivity, saving money on fuel, reducing accidents, increasing employee engagement, and improving customer service and satisfaction are just some of the many GPS fleet tracking benefits for your business. MiX Telematics gives you comprehensive insight into your fleet’s activities and helps you identify ways to improve productivity and efficiency. There are many individual GPS fleet tracking benefits, but the most important one is the overall impact on your bottom line.

45 GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits

Here are the many ways that GPS fleet tracking software can help save your company time and money.

  1. Save time
  2. Increase profits
  3. Reduce operating costs
  4. Improve operational efficiencies
  5. Tracking and monitoring of high value or high-risk loads
  6. Reduce paperwork
  7. Access to real-time data
  8. Allow in-cab communication
  9. Reports for data analysis
  10. Reduce insurance costs
  11. Improve dispatching
  12. Improve the total cost of ownership (TCO)
  13. Reduce theft
  14. Faster stolen vehicle recovery
  15. Reduce waste
  16. Lower labor costs
  17. Reduce payroll fraud
  18. Reduce maintenance costs
  19. Improve overall safety
  20. Improve route planning
  21. Identify and correct risky driving behavior
  22. Develop targeted driver training programs
  23. Workflow approvals
  24. Reduce timecard theft
  25. Flexible data inputs
  26. Real-time journey monitoring
  27. Reduce fuel costs
  28. Maintain ELD compliance
  29. Maintain Hours of Service (HOS) compliance
  30. Improve risk management
  31. Increase billing accuracy
  32. Optimize utilization
  33. Reduce misuse of assets
  34. Inventory management
  35. Maintain licensing and certification compliance
  36. Improve job estimation and billing
  37. Improve crisis management
  38. Create a solid safety culture
  39. Increases driver engagement and retention
  40. Improved customer service
  41. Increase the lifespan of your vehicles
  42. Fewer traffic violations
  43. Reduction in crashes
  44. Less wear and tear on vehicles
  45. Fewer carbon emissions

The MiX Telematics Difference

the benefits of fleet trackingAs telematics technology becomes increasingly necessary for fleet management, companies looking to use telematics are realizing the importance of choosing the right telematics software system. Of course, you’ll want important features such as driver behavior management, live tracking, custom reporting, and more.

Scalable & Modular

We offer integration services and add-ons that help personalize your telematics system. While fleets share many characteristics, your fleet also has unique differences and specific needs. Rather than forcing a one-size-fits-all approach, we offer you a mix of services that meet your needs. Suitable for any size fleet, our solutions, infrastructure, support structure and can be customized for your requirements to create your own MiX Eco System.

Actionable Intelligence

One of the biggest GPS fleet tracking benefits is not just data capture, but the ability to make decisions based on the insight that data gives you. This data can include everything from GPS locations and fuel economy to vehicle handling and information about accidents. This data can then be used to improve driver behavior, reduce accidents, improve efficiency, ensure compliance, and more. We transform raw data with a combination of our expertise and tools such as MiX Insight Agility to give you timely, meaningful, and actionable information.

Leading Innovator

We’re in it with you for the long haul. That’s why we continuously look for ways to improve your experience, stay up-to-date on best practices and develop new technologies. We release new products and improve upon the products we already have with you in mind. You get access to the latest GPS fleet tracking benefits to manage your fleet. Tools such as MyMiX, MiX Vision, Journey Management, MiX Tabs, MiX Insight Agility have all been developed to improve our offerings for you. And we will continue to develop and make use of cutting-edge technologies to give you a competitive edge.

Service for Life

We are subject matter experts providing you with the hands-on expertise you need to take your business forward and we stay with you every step of the way. That’s why MiX Telematics offers you Service for Life, a level of customer service that goes beyond sales, implementation and troubleshooting. This holistic approach means we are more than just a service provider, we are your partner and are as invested in your success as you are. Our Customer Success, Customer Care and other teams work with you proactively to ensure your business goals and KPIs are met. This can include saving money, reducing fuel consumption, increasing vehicle utilization, improving your safety record, and more.

Global Presence & Experience

With a global presence and local expertise across the world, MiX offers consistent service but with a vital local touch. We provide leading solutions and a high level of customer service in over 120 countries through our network of more than 130 channel partners. With over 20 years’ experience focused solely on telematics, we can offer an impressive level of subject matter expertise and creative problem-solving.

Delivering Proven Results

We focus on real results in safety, efficiency, compliance and security, and provide it with a clear service delivery focus. For instance, our customers have seen an average of 8-13% fuel reduction, in excess of 50% crash reduction, 70% improvement in driver behavior, and more.

Our goal is to make sure our customers get optimal value for their investment and reach their safety, compliance, efficiency and security goals. We offer a broad range of solutions for fleets of all sizes and in all industries, ranging from self-service telematics software that runs on any mobile device to enterprise-wide solutions that are ELD compliant and include dedicated account managers who proactively monitor your fleet data.

If you are interested in talking to us about how GPS fleet tracking can benefit your fleet, no matter the size, we want to hear from you.

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