The cost-saving benefits of tracking your assets

Although asset tracking has been around for some time, advancements in technology has grown leaps and bounds. It’s never been easier or more important to protect your assets from theft and other variables which may negatively impact your investment potential.

There are a few notable benefits of adopting an asset manager solution: 

  • Improved control
  • Increased visibility (reduces risk of assets being stolen)
  • Built-in tamper alerts
  • Accurate billing for renting
  • Pre-emptive service intervals and odometer readings (reduces maintenance costs)
  • Invaluable insights that help minimize the fleet size where and when needed
  • Locating lost trailers

 However, at the end of the day the difference lies in how the solution and its data is utilized to help your business.

Time-saving benefits

Costs associated with owning assets, predominantly resides in fleet maintenance. Maintenance of older fleets tends to be based on the time in service, rather than mileage data. The challenge for fleet owners is that the costs associated with maintenance is higher than the usage-based costs.

The reason for maintenance varies from fleet to fleet, but the main drivers for maintenance seem to be based on time, usage and what job the asset performs.

Lowering your costs

A key objective for any business is keeping costs low and this is especially true when it comes to trailers. Maintenance that is based exclusively on mileage leads to preventable costs, a fleet that is not properly maintained and additional issues cropping up because they were left until the right mileage was achieved.

Fleet managers are generally not aware of the potential cost-saving benefit of an efficient fleet management solution. They tend to unnecessarily spend too much on maintenance and, given the added risk of downtime, complying with regulations poses an even greater challenge.

Solving the dilemma

MiX Asset Manager aims to address these concerns with the use of leading technology that speaks to the potential issues faced by fleet owners and managers. The solution offers the functionality to manage various aspects relating to powered and non-powered assets. This includes electronically capturing details relating to assets, service and licensing information and fuel usage. The aggregated data then gets captured for use via an innovative user interface which gives the fleet owner complete control over their assets in order for them to make more informed business decisions and, save time and money.


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