Engaged drivers equals a safe, efficient fleet

MyMiX is an online modular platform that equips your drivers with the tools to both assess and improve their professional performance as well as perform tasks.

MyMiX displays scores to drivers based on predetermined driving events such as speeding, harsh acceleration, hard braking or other relevant violations. Customers can select which scoring model is most suitable for their operational environment. Currently both standard and RAG scoring models are available to select from each offering a different calculation method. At any given time, drivers can log in to MyMiX via the web or a mobile device (Android or iOS) to view scores, events and vehicles driven. Score information is displayed on a daily or weekly trend basis and a six-month trend is also available to assess improvement over time.

Drivers can use these scores to improve their performance on the road and fleet managers to provide relevant training for a safer and more fuel-efficient fleet.

In addition, to driver performance monitoring, MyMiX offers a task management module. It is ideal for facilitating communication with mobile fieldworkers. It combines the benefits of navigation, tracking and template-driven e-forms. Fleet managers can create tasks for drivers and keep an eye on progress from start to finish. Drivers can also add job details and customer information on the go.

Whether your drivers use MyMiX for performance monitoring or task management or both, you can expect to see the following benefits: 

  • Safer and more economical drivers
  • Stronger performance culture
  • Improved worker visibility
  • Better customer service
  • Reduced communication costs
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Streamlined business processes

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