MiX TabsTM

Small in size but powerful in features

MiX Tabs beacons are small, light and very easy to install. They boast an impressive battery life of up to three years to enable fleets to track assets even if they have no dedicated power source.

MiX Tabs captures useful data about each asset in the MiX Fleet Manager platform. This data is then generated in reports showing last seen time, date and position of an asset, due dates of services or license renewals, and fuel entered against an asset.

MiX Tabs is suitable for all kinds of movable assets, such as work lights, generators, hydraulic pumps and storage tanks, and functions effortlessly in remote locations.



All MiX Tabs beacons are self-powered, offering a battery life of up to three years. Ideal for assets not connected to a power source.

Reporting functionality

MiX Tabs collects asset data and then generates location, movement and utilisation reports.

No connectivity needed

When an asset has no connectivity, its position is still captured and buffered until a connection is regained.

Integration with existing infrastructure

Your existing infrastructure doesn’t need to be altered or adapted to install MiX Tabs, making installation quick and easy for any type of fleet.


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