Definitions of important terms that will help you on your journey towards getting acquainted with MiX Tabs.

Wireless asset locator A MiX Asset Manager solution enabled by MiX Tabs beacons and network enablers.

MiX Tabs Beacon A hardware enabler attached to the asset being managed.

MiX Tabs Asset An asset installed with a MiX Tabs beacon.

Ping An RF transmission sent from a MiX Tabs beacon.

RF Stands for “Radio Frequency”, a generic way of describing a wireless transmission.

MiX Tabs Network Enabler A vehicle equipped with the ‘ears’ to hear the pings from MiX Tabs beacons. This is standard on MiX 2/4/6000 hardware.

PBS A peripheral added to FM Communicator/Tracer hardware only. It adds the ‘ears’ for FM units to help them become MiX Tabs network enablers.

Mobile Base Station  Vehicle-based MiX Tabs network enabler.

Fixed Base Station A MiX Tabs network enabler installed at a fixed location.

Open Tabs Network A network where any network enabler will report any MiX Tabs asset.

Private Tabs Network A network where network enablers only report a MiX Tabs asset if it belongs to their organization.

Self-powered It doesn’t require any connection to an external power source to operate.

MiX Tabs Beacon activation The process of bringing the MiX Tabs beacon out of shipping mode before it’s installed. Once activated the beacon will operate until its batteries are depleted.

MiX Tabs Beacon battery life The length of time a between activation and end-of-life of the batteries. This is typically 24 months of normal operation. 

MiX Tabs Manager application A dedicated mobile application (on either iOS or Android) that facilitates managing asset details (such as description, picture, site etc.) in MiX Fleet Manager.

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Definitions of important terms that will help you on your journey towards getting acquainted with the MiX Tabs solution.


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