Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

How frequently will I get an updated position from the wireless locator solution?

There is no guaranteed reporting interval for this solution but you will get an update if a network-enabled vehicle is within range of the MiX Tabs asset.

What is the ping interval of a MiX Tabs beacon?

The MiX Tabs Beacon detects its own movement and changes the ping interval depending whether it is moving or not moving. It also backs off its ping interval if it sees the ping has been received by a network-enabled vehicle. 

  1. When moving it will ping every 20 seconds – it will back off for 5 minutes if its ping is received.
  2. When not moving it will ping every 120 seconds – it will back off for 10 minutes if its ping is received.

How accurate is the position reported by a MiX Tabs beacon?

An algorithm in the software analyzes all of the reported positions of each MiX Tabs beacon and determines which is the most likely position of the asset. 

  1. If the asset has an updated GPS position, this will be displayed and the asset icon will not have the approximate symbol on it. In this case the asset will typically be within 10m of the reported location.
  2. If the asset has yet to acquire a GPS location, the position displayed will be that of the nearest reporting vehicle. The icon will indicate this by showing an approximate symbol (≈) and the position could be within a radius of a few hundred meters of the asset.

How often will the MiX Tabs beacon get an updated GPS position?

The GPS module is only switched on for two minutes every 24 hours. If a good GPS position is acquired this will be passed on to the first network-enabled vehicle that is in range of the MiX Tabs beacon.

How long will the built-in batteries last?

The battery life is influenced by how often the beacon pings but the system is designed to deliver at least 3 years battery life.

Are the batteries replaceable?

Technically, the batteries can be replaced but the MiX Tabs enclosure is not designed to be reused once it has been opened. A watertight seal cannot be guaranteed once it is opened. For this reason it is not recommended that the batteries be replaced once depleted.

What influences the range of a MiX Tabs solution?

This is an RF solution, so range is dependent on:

  1. Where the MiX Tabs beacon is installed on the asset.
  2. Where the network-enabling OBC is installed in the vehicle.
  3. The terrain between the MiX Tabs beacon and the network-enabling vehicle.

What is the expected range of the MiX Tabs solution?

Practically, the ping from a beacon that is within 100m to 200m from a network-enabled vehicle will be received and updated positions will appear on MiX Fleet Manager.

Why can’t I see MiX Tabs assets in historical tracking?

The MiX Tabs beacon does not register trips so its data doesn’t show up in the historical tracking module

How much additional data will be needed on each vehicle reporting MiX Tabs beacons?

It really depends on how many beacons the vehicles comes into contact with but it will typically be less than 30KB on a network with 10,000 beacons.


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