MiX Tabs TM

Easy asset tracking for improved efficiency and security

MiX Tabs is a light and affordable asset tracking solution that leverages your existing fleet as a communications network.

This innovative solution is the first of its kind because of its ability to tag assets that have no power source. Beacons are attached to assets as electronic tags and on-board computers from MiX Telematics are installed in vehicles. Using this combination, beacons can “talk” to vehicles so that they can detect assets as they move around worksites or depots.

The assets’ locations are reported using GSM or Wi-Fi connectivity or, if no connectivity is available, buffered until a connection can be made.

Each beacon’s ID contains a unique company portion and thus your company’s vehicle’s will only report on its own assets. Other companies in the vicinity will never be able to detect your assets, ensuring ultimate security.

MiX Integrate is secure, user-friendly, scalable and has the ability to automate processes. It also comes with comprehensive online documentation that guides you through the entire process of getting started from application setup to configuration. Sample code helps you increase understanding and control of your hosted data.


  • Reduce asset loss and theft
  • Maximise asset utilisation
  • Detect misuse
  • Gather day-to-day asset data
  • Reduce insurance premiums

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How construction managers are optimising their assets

Capital-intensive businesses in industries such as construction, oil and gas and mining, are amongst those that would benefit from asset utilisation tools which are proven to positively impact asset efficiency. Telematics can help by creating self-sustaining networks of connected assets which help site managers on construction projects to take a more hands-off approach when it comes to tracking their assets so that they can focus on other matters affecting their business.

MiX Tabs

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Why it's important to track your assets

One of the many ways telematics is helping fleet managers is by giving them the ability to create a self-sustaining network of connected assets. In its simplest form, a beacon is attached to each asset and these beacons then communicate with each other throughout the day to establish location and other useful information. Usually a network like this is self-powered, giving it sustainability and making it easier for fleet managers to take a more hands-off approach when it comes to asset tracking so that they can focus on other business.

MiX Tabs

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