Ensure Fleet Compliance

The road transport industry is heavily regulated. That won’t change, but we can help manage the challenges.

MiX Telematics offers a range of products and services that enable customers to comply with even the strictest health, safety and environmental (HSE) regulations in their relevant countries and industries. In particular, the company has a long-standing reputation within the oil and gas industry.
Ensure Fleet Compliance

Our specialized compliance tools include:

  • Hours of Service and IFTA for the US.
  • Remote DTCO download for Europe.
  • Electronic work diaries in Australia.
  • Driver behavior monitoring.
  • Driver training.
  • Consultancy for road safety strategies.

Software Is Key to Compliance

When you manage or own a fleet, as much as you’d like to, you can’t be everywhere, watching your drivers all the time. Often you wear many hats, including that of fleet compliance manager. That’s where MiX Telematics software solutions come in. We offer in-cab video, driver engagement and scoring apps, and journey management tools that help your drivers stay safe and in compliance with all regulations. Our services give you everything you need to keep your fleet safe and efficient.

How Software Can Support Compliance

Companies across the globe have leveled up their telematics system game with the introduction of the ELD Mandate. What was once kept in paper logbooks is now housed safely and securely in ELDs. But why stop there? While being ELD compliant is essential, there are many other ways an ELD can improve the safety and compliance of your fleet.

In addition to tracking driver hours to ensure they stay in compliance, most ELDs can also provide driver modification with in-cab verbal, audible, and visual alerts; incident analysis using second-by-second data and video; and driver coaching through safety scoring and driver applications. You can then use this information to create driver scorecards and coach drivers to improve their practices. You can also choose a fleet management system equipped with integrated in-cab video, providing all the benefits already mentioned too. All of this together helps reduce crashes (which in turn can help reduce a fleet’s insurance rates) and keep drivers safe.

Risk and Safety Management

A big part of fleet compliance management is safety and risk management. We offer software telematics solutions that help you reduce accidents, so you can avoid fines, lower your insurance cost, and avoid legal fees. Effective risk management helps you keep your employees and other motorists safe while complying with regulatory requirements.

A software solution that lets you store important details about driver performance, vehicle repairs, insurance information, and more is essential to better risk management for your fleet. Being able to pull a report on “near misses” and other events can improve compliance in your fleet. With all that information at your fingertips, you can create awareness and review risk management and safety programs.

Vehicles and Maintenance

Installing telematics software in your fleet is one of the most effective ways to ensure regular and effective maintenance of your vehicles. By receiving automated alerts on when to schedule regular maintenance, your vehicle will be on the road longer. Preventative and predictive maintenance can help you:

  • Schedule maintenance ahead of time so you don’t have to wait on technicians, and your vehicles are less likely to break down unexpectedly
  • Identify issues with particular types of vehicles that can inform future buying decisions
  • Document support for warranty claims
  • Prevent one part’s wear and tear from affecting another part
  • Monitor your technicians’ performance

By using preventative and predictive maintenance, you can help reduce safety risks to your fleet’s vehicles and drivers.

Drivers and Operations

Your drivers must be trained, certified, and healthy to work. They also need valid driver’s licenses and the right training for the vehicles they are driving. Compliance with scheduled routes will help keep fuel costs lower and minimize risks. Telematics systems can effectively monitor vehicle activity and manage driver compliance. Mix Telematics has a number of fleet compliance services to help you proactively and effectively reduce unsafe driving practices.

These solutions can also help ensure your fleet is in compliance with your driver programs and operational practices. You can keep a secure record of important information such as driver’s licenses and medical certificates. You can keep training and insurance records organized, up-to-date, and easily accessible.

Trusted Solution for Fleet Compliance

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Benefits of an ELD That Does More

Since it is compulsory to install and ELD or on-board computer in your fleet’s trucks, why not choose one that does more? Installing an ELD with all the bells and whistles will give your fleet improved compliance, improved safety, and improved efficiency. Common functionality includes support for slip seating, the ability to better manage HOS, the ability to record other DOT data (such as trailers, invoices, fuel purchases, etc.), and accident reconstruction.

Improved Fleet Compliance

An ELD can improve your fleet’s HOS compliance, but why stop there? In the U.S., fleet managers need their vehicles and trucks to be IFTA compliant and report their fuel tax. There are also industry and vertical-specific rules and regulations. For example, the oil and gas industry fleets need to be able to track the status “Off-Duty at Well Site.”

ELDs and fleet management systems can handle all of that, automatically, saving your fleet time and also reducing your exposure to fines, which in turn improves your CSA score.

Improved Safety

Safety is an important benefit of ELDs and fleet management systems. We give you the ability to track not only your assets but monitor your drivers’ behavior, including events such as rapid acceleration, harsh braking, and speeding. You can use this information to create driver scorecards and coach drivers to improve their practices.

We also offer an ELD and fleet management system equipped with integrated in-cab video that can provide visual evidence for accident reconstruction and insurance subrogation as well as features that help eliminate distracted driving. All of these features work together to help reduce accidents and crashes, which in turn can help reduce your fleet’s insurance rates.

Improved Efficiency

The reduction and elimination of paper use that you get with ELDs can save your fleet thousands of dollars a year alone, making them worth the investment. But, the savings don’t stop there. They also save you time on reporting and help improve the fuel economy of your fleet by reducing costly driving behaviors such as rapid acceleration, speeding, and excessive idling.

You can set idling limits and track how often and for how long your vehicles are idling. You can also set real-time alerts that let both drivers and managers know when a driver exceeds the speed limit and prompt them to immediately take corrective measures and be more fuel-efficient. Monitoring this data over time gives you insight into trends in fuel wastage and allows you to reward good driving practices.

In addition, improved asset tracking can save your fleet money by helping you locate, track, and manage assets like trailers and a variety of other assets.

Benefits of In-Cab Video

In-cab video monitoring has proven over and over that it can help improve driver behavior and fleet safety. Integrated in-cab video allows videos to be automatically added to driver profiles and linked to specific reports of specific triggered events, giving you the opportunity for:

  • Coaching and training drivers by video
  • Analyzing crashes
  • Prevent crashes or reduce their severity
  • Evidence for insurance claims

In-cab video is a great way to flag and correct unsafe driving behaviors such as harsh acceleration, speeding, and hard braking and corner handling. It also gives you an important a way to analyze events after a crash. You get insight and often irrefutable proof of what happened at the time of the incident, both in the cab and around the vehicle.

This information can help you determine how to best handle insurance claims. You’ll know if you should settle quickly to reduce the cost of a settlement or to fight the claim when the video exonerates your company.

Collision, Fatigue, and Distraction Prevention

Taking advantage of specialized camera technology to track eye and facial behavior tools, you can trigger a series of physical driver interventions, such as noise alerts or seat vibrations, to help keep a crash from happening. Available technology from third-party companies can be integrated with fleet management solutions that generate triggered distraction and fatigue events. These events can be recorded and reviewed in various ways, and also used in driver scoring to create clearer driving profiles. You can harness this meaningful data and use it to make improvements and prevent future occurrences.

Driver Behavior Modification Tools

In-cab driving aids, audible in-cab driver coaching, and driver engagement apps are all powerful tools used to not only modify driver behavior but generate important, actionable data when integrated into fleet management solutions. Most aids gather and transfer information to the driver or the fleet compliance manager through a number of features like custom data inputs while driving alerts notify drivers of bad driving habits such as over-speeding in geo-fenced zones or driving over the road speed limit.

These behavior modification tools give drivers a real opportunity to own the process of continuous improvement. In addition, fleet managers can harness the power of data for change.

Journey Management

Integrated Journey Management helps you plan safe, achievable journeys. Typically, scheduled trips are mapped out, then any associated risks relating to the driver, the environment, and the asset are identified and used in calculating a risk rating for the journey. Once the journey is in progress, it can be automatically monitored, from the initial stages of planning through to approval and dispatch. Events can be reported in real-time to operations staff. This results in the prioritization of the safety of people, vehicles, and cargo.

If you are looking for a telematics solution with fleet compliance services and other safety and risk management features, contact us today.

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