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Engaged drivers equals a safe, efficient fleet

MiX Vision is a sophisticated, self-contained in-vehicle camera solution that includes road- and driver-facing cameras, alongside two optional external cameras.

MiX Vision assists fleet managers and the like with getting an accurate view of driver behavior and road conditions. Up to four cameras automatically record when events are triggered. A low-resolution video is uploaded with footage 8 seconds before and 7 seconds after the event. High-resolution versions of each video are stored and available for download if more detail is required. This process helps to save on download time and operating costs. If supporting footage is required, video clips from the previous 72-hour period of a vehicle being in-trip can be viewed, which totals 2:30 minutes in length.

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MiX Vision is connected to MiX Fleet Manager, a fleet management solution that provides you with an online portal where you can view video footage online and via mobile alongside relevant data such as the time, date, speed, RPM, vehicle ID and GPS coordinates when the event occurred. The infrared driver-facing camera also provides audio through an accompanying microphone.

You can achieve the following important benefits when you put MiX Vision’s in-vehicle cameras to good use in your fleet:

  • Improved driver safety through visual training and crash reduction
  • Reduces insurances liability
  • Increased profitability by reducing costs related to crashes and claims
  • Greater control and visibility of fleet

Unexpected benefits of using in-cab video in your fleet

Many people will say that the main benefit of in-cab video is increased fleet safety. Of course, this is very much true. In-cab video allows you to track and monitor drivers on the road to ensure that their behavior is safe and does not increase the risk of crashes. It also gives you the opportunity to see what safety measures to put in place when a crash does occur by reviewing video footage. No more second-hand information.

How in-cab video technology improves fleet safety

According to data published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there were approximately 450,000 police-reported crashes involving large trucks in 2017. Of these crashes, 4,237 were fatal and 344,000 resulted in injuries1. The impact of fatalities and injuries related to crashes can be overwhelming. Not only does it decrease the safety of your fleet but it can also have an impact on efficiency and costs.

In-cab video: why choose an integrated system?

In the U.S, in-cab video is more commonly available as a third-party offering. What this means for fleet managers and owners is that they have to invest even more to use another telematics provider's software to sync this visual evidence.

MiX Vision: In-cab video monitoring for improved safety

Region: North America
Benefit: Safety, Compliance, Security

From monitoring customers in a supermarket to keeping tabs on traffic congestion on major highways, video surveillance is used to great effect across the world. So why shouldnÕt it be used in the road transport industry to survey driver behavior and effectively improve road safety?

In-cab video: It's all about driver safety

Integrated in-vehicle recording systems have been proven to save fleet owners and managers plenty in time and money Ð but the biggest benefit affects the drivers themselves: in-cab video can help prevent accidents and save lives.


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