MiX Vision Glossary

Definitions of important terms that will help you on your journey towards getting acquainted with MiX Vision.

Events - This refers to incidents that occur while driving. These can include harsh or emergency braking, non-usage of a seatbelt, using the phone while driving, speeding, harsh acceleration, excessive idling and more.

Event-triggered - When a predetermined event occurs, the MiX Vision cameras are triggered (or activated) and start recording to capture the event as it happens.

Driver-facing camera - This type of camera records the inside of a vehicle’s cab and is focused on capturing risky driver behavior. It does not capture what happens on the road or outside the vehicle.

Road-facing camera - A camera that is installed inside a vehicle’s cab but which faces the road, capturing what goes on in front of the vehicle and on the road. It does not capture driver behavior.

Visual evidence - Support in the form of video footage that can be used in the event of an insurance claims. Video footage can also be used as training material for drivers to see evidence of any indiscretions.

Video playback - This simply refers to playing a video.

External cameras - These types of cameras are affixed to the outside of a vehicle. These can capture activity behind a vehicle or around a trailer or the vehicle’s fuel tank.

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