MiX Insight AgilityTM

Take charge of your reporting

MiX Insight Agility is an extension that offers reporting and dashboards tailored to customers’ specific operational requirements.

MiX Insight Agility reports are easy to alter and enhance. As soon as a custom Microsoft Excel spreadsheet has been generated containing the relevant fleet and driver data, it never has to be recreated. Instead, it can be instantly refreshed at the mere touch of a button, saving both time and resources.

With this extension, you don’t need to be in contact with a development department or have subscriptions to create your own reports. You can change the layout, select the content, create dashboards, add colors and much more, without being reliant on anyone else to interpret your unique needs.


Variety of data fields

Explore and analyze a number of areas relating to your data, then easily transform it using tools within Microsoft Excel to create the format and layout you desire.

Permission-based access

Assign permissions via MiX Fleet Manager’s security settings. This means no separate sign-ups are needed to ensure ease-of-use.

All the how-tos

The Microsoft Excel template comes with detailed instructions, a glossary, links to useful videos and instructions on how to create PivotTables, PivotCharts, Timeline and slicers to analyze data and create interactive applications.

Compatibility with Microsoft Excel and other BI tools

Exclusively built for use in Microsoft Excel. Various plug-ins and data connectors are available for other business intelligence tools on request.

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