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It is estimated that between 10% and 25% of all road accidents are related to fatigue. Not only does this have an impact on fleet safety, it also costs companies millions (even billions) each year in repair, insurance fees and productivity loss.

The number of hours spent driving has a strong correlation to the number of fatigue-related accidents. MiX Hours of Service helps to manage this by providing understanding of the appropriate driving, work and rest hours a driver should adhere to, measuring driver activities and giving you the opportunity to intervene when driving hours rules are violated.

Monitoring your driving hours with MiX Hours of Service has other benefits aside from improving compliance and reducing driver fatigue. It can also help you reduce overtime by up to 15%, make customer billing more accurate (in turn improving customer service), eliminate timesheet fraud and optimize fleet utilization.

The MiX Hours of Service solution is perfect for you if feel you are being exposed to unnecessary risk on the road due to fatigue, if your drivers are being fined for violating driving hours laws and/or if your drivers are failing roadside inspections.


HOS reporting

Get summarized, detailed and dynamic reports via MiX Insight Agility. Reports include driver logs and violations, which are viewable via the software platform or as an email.

Centralized driver management

Daily and weekly score analysis are available as well as six-month trends. Drivers see how they rank compared to their site and organization.

Log viewing and editing

View a summary of driver logs in real-time in either graph or table format. Should the need arise, you have the ability to edit driver status data.

Real-time alerts

Should drivers violate defined parameters, managers receive real-time alerts. This allows for immediate intervention to reduce fatigue-related accidents.

Comprehensive ruleset support

MiX Hours of Service caters for regulated and non-regulated electronic driving hours environments while also supporting all regulatory HOS rulesets by region. It enables easy implementation of company-specific HOS rules.


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