MiX Hours of Service TM

Proactive management of driving hours

MiX Hours of Service is an electronic toolkit designed to help fleets manage the hours their drivers spend on the roads in an effort to prevent fatigue-related accidents and comply with important regulations.

This solution works by extracting and combining vehicle data from industry-standard digital tachographs, an on-board computer and state-of-the-art tracking software from MiX Telematics.

Using the above data and technology, your fleet can measure both driving hours and activity, set driving hours-related rules, intervene when necessary and provide accurate reporting on driving hours for compliance purposes.

MiX Hours of Service fully equips fleet managers with the means to monitor driving hours in real time via a single interface. Add in an extensive reporting suite to see exactly which drivers need improvement or intervention.

MyMiX Driver Scoring

By actively managing driving hours and driver fatigue with the MiX Hours of Service solution, you receive benefits like:

  • Less paperwork and increased accuracy due to the use of electronic logging.
  • Compliance with region-specific regulations and policies while meeting duty-of-care and HSE responsibilities
  • Increased productivity and efficiency whilst upholding driver safety.
  • Lower risk, liability and costs. Optimizing the driver fatigue management process reduces the likelihood of accidents.

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MiX Hours of Service flyer

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The Unexpected Benefits of Driving Hour Management & Driver Fatigue

As you know, there are regulations that govern the driving hours of drivers of commercial goods vehicles and passenger carrying vehicles. These regulations go by different names depending on where your fleet operates but their goal is ultimately the same and that is to reduce driver fatigue and the accidents related to it.

How fleet technology overcomes risks associated with driver fatigue

The risks associated with fatigue in the transportation industry is noteworthy. According to the National Safety Council, 13% of all fatal truck crashes and 28% of single commercial vehicle crashes involve fatigue. Learn how driver fatigue management software can help.


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