MiX Asset ManagerTM

Maximum visibility and protection for all your non-vehicle assets

MiX Asset Manager offers you a bird’s eye view of all your non-vehicle assets – whether they are mobile or fixed; with or without a power source.

By creating an automatic, electronic registry of your assets, their statuses and whereabouts, they can be:

  • Located and/or tracked on a map – in real-time and historically,
  • Managed based on service intervals and odometer readings, and
  • Billed for more accurately when rented out.

No matter what industry you’re in, MiX Asset Manager instantly expands the amount of control and visibility you have of your assets.

Our customers’ successes have proven that MiX Asset Manager:

  • Reduces the risk of losing an asset,
  • Maximizes revenue through improved asset utilization,
  • Decreases downtime, and
  • Streamlines processes.

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What can fleet asset management solutions do for your business?

fleet asset management solutions for your businessMost fleet owners are concerned about how to effectively track and manage their assets. Considerations such as safety, compliance, efficiency and security spring to mind and help shape their decision when choosing fleet asset management solutions.

3 Key Factors for Choosing the Right Trailer Tracking Solution

Keeping track of moveable assets is imperative for any fleet business. As such, trailers form an important part of this type of business and aspects such as understanding where your assets are at any given time, how often they’re being used and whether your cargo is being unloaded on time and in the right place with an effective trailer track system, are tantamount to the effective running of your business.

Your assets need protection too

Assets shouldn't play second fiddle to your fleet as their management is equally important to your company remaining efficient and profitable.


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