MiX Asset ManagerTM

Our solution gives you hassle-free, comprehensive control of your non-vehicle assets

MiX Asset Manager prevents potential misuse and theft by giving you the tools to track and locate assets. Whether they’re on-site or not, you know exactly where your assets are and how they’re being utilized.

The tracking and locating technology offered by MiX Asset Manager can be used in many types of conditions and on a variety of assets. You can choose from a:
  • Wired tracker for assets with a dedicated power source.
  • Wireless, battery-operated tracker for non-powered assets.
  • Low-cost wireless locator for non-powered assets.


Asset data

Detailed asset information is collected and can be used to set up service and licensing reminders, periodic certification reminders and entered fuel data.

Live tracking

In real-time you can locate and track assets, view asset diagnostics (such as battery status and signal strength) and export a full list of active assets.

Historical tracking

View trip replays, distances travelled and previous events.

Trip timeline

See a timeline of asset utilization, events and detailed trip information.

Live information streams

Proactively monitor events and activities of multiple in real-time via live information streams.


Pull up detailed event, trip, location, service and entered fuel reports through MiX Insight Reports.

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The cost-saving benefits of asset tracking

Although asset tracking has been around for some time, advancements in technology has grown leaps and bounds. It’s never been easier or more important to protect your assets from theft and other variables which may negatively impact your investment potential.

There are a few notable benefits of asset tracking via an asset manager solution: 

  • Improved control
  • Increased visibility (reduces risk of assets being stolen)
  • Built-in tamper alerts
  • Accurate billing for renting
  • Pre-emptive service intervals and odometer readings (reduces maintenance costs)
  • Invaluable insights that help minimize the fleet size where and when needed
  • Locating lost trailers

 However, at the end of the day the difference lies in how the solution and its data is utilized to help your business.

Manage vehicles, equipment, and other assets with ease

The benefits of driver fleet management software solutions are well-known – tracking and monitoring drivers and vehicles gives you insight into practical and cost-related improvements. But, what about other valuable assets such as trailers, portable pumps, waste skips, or frac tanks? These are valuable assets, and the ability to keep track of them has many tangible benefits for managers and owners.

MiX Telematics' vehicle asset management solutions give you the ability to track, locate, and better manage all your assets. You’ll know exactly where they are, have better control over their utilization, reduce costs caused by theft or loss, optimize your processes, and give your customers a better experience.

Benefits of telematics asset management:

  • Makes managing your assets easier and more accurate
  • Protects mobile and fixed assets with or without a dedicated power source
  • Registers assets, their statuses, and locations automatically
  • Keeps you on track with preventative maintenance
  • Makes billing more accurate if you rent assets out

With MiX Asset Manager, you get in-depth information on all of your non-vehicle assets, whether they are mobile or fixed, with or without a power source. We use the latest advances in technology – telematics – to help you track and manage assets.

Designed to track all kinds of assets, MiX Asset Manager is the obvious choice for a variety of industries, including Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transport & Logistics, Utilities, Agriculture, and more. But that’s not all. It’s also great for landscapers, AC & heating repair and installers, solar panel installers, and any other small fleets that have valuable assets they want to track.

Evaluate your fleet operations and costs

If the costs of your fleet operations are causing you to toss and turn at night, MiX Telematics has a fleet asset management solution that can help. With MiX Asset Manager, you can keep track of all your assets and get better insight into your costs and how to bring them down.

Reduce risk

With better visibility, your risk of losing an asset or it being stolen goes down considerably. MiX Asset Manager offers tamper alerts, the option to replay asset movements, distances traveled, and events. This knowledge helps you reduce the cost of replacing lost assets, and it can save you money on your insurance premiums.

Maximize revenue

When you know where an asset is at all times and its availability, you can improve your asset planning, utilization, and efficiency. You’ll know which assets are being overused and which are being underused. You can also make sure the right assets are at the right jobs. If you rent your vehicles, accurate tracking lets you know where they are, so your billing will be more accurate. By using the live tracking feature as well as various reports offered by MiX Insight Reports, you get all the insights you need to improve your scheduling and billing.

Minimize costs

MiX Asset Manager gives you a choice of asset tracking solutions that are easy to implement and require little-to-no downtime at all. For battery-operated devices, the batteries offer a long lifespan and no maintenance. This means your costs manually locating assets can also be reduced.

Streamline processes

With MiX Telematics' vehicle asset management, you get the functionality to manage the various aspects of your asset’s day-to-day running. By electronically capturing asset details, service and licensing information, and fuel entered, all your asset information can be kept in one place. This makes it easy to find out when to schedule maintenance, which assets are using too much fuel, and more.

Track the total costs of owning your assets

The power behind MiX Asset Manager is a range of sophisticated asset tracking and locating solutions, which collect and transmit valuable asset data. These fleet asset management solutions can be used with many different types of assets under the many conditions in which they are used.

Using either historical information or the last known position of an asset as a reference, our fleet asset management solutions help locate your asset. Once the data is collected, you can access an asset’s data via the user-friendly software interface of MiX Fleet Manager. The platforms are completely secure and offer the following features to help asset owners and managers make informed and timely decisions about their assets. We offer a wired tracker, a wireless battery operated tracker, and a low-cost wireless locater, depending on which you choose, you can get the following benefits.

Asset information

Enter your asset’s details and set up service and licensing reminders, periodic certification reminders, and entered fuel data.

Live tracking

Locate and track your assets, view diagnostics such as battery status and signal strength, export a full list of your assets.

Historical tracking

View detailed trip replays, distances traveled, and previous events.

Trip timeline

See how your assets are used, events, and detailed trip information on a timeline so you can better allocate assets where they are needed most.

Live information streams

Monitor events and activities in real-time via live information streams, so you can proactively reroute and reschedule.


Detailed reports on events, trips, locations, service, and entered fuel reports through MiX Insight Reports. This helps you analyze fleet performance and see where you can increase efficiencies.

Read what our customers have to say

“It worked even better than expected, and now we cannot live without it. The level of detail that MiX Telematics’ solutions provide is incredible.”

- Nick Lawrence, Fleet Controller, Dreams

“We are very happy with our chosen solution, as it allows us to serve our clients more efficiently.”

- Vishal Mehta, Transcargo Tracking Division

“I wasn’t sure there was a fleet management solution that would fit our small business. … I realized that we could improve how we manage our fleet and start to save money …”

-James Clancy, President, Avita Coffee

What Is Asset Tracking Software?

Asset tracking software helps you keep track of assets such as portable pumps, trailers, waste skips, and frac tanks. These assets are not only valuable, but they are also vital to running your business, and if one goes missing, you could be held up for days. Asset tracking software provides a digital, centralized system where you can track your assets in real-time.

Keeping paper trails or even using spreadsheets to track assets is time-consuming and inefficient. Because of this, businesses are increasingly turning to asset tracking software. Using asset tracking software gives you more benefits than just knowing where your assets are located at any given time. It can streamline your processes and provide data that helps you make strategic decisions, minimize costs, and simplify your workflows.

11 Benefits of Asset Tracking

The benefits of GPS tracking and telematics for fleet management is well known among fleet managers, but what about industries that have assets that are just as valuable as drivers and vehicles? Protecting these assets is just as important and using asset tracking software is just as valuable as it is for fleets. Improved visibility and insight can reduce the costs of not knowing where an asset is and how it is being used.

Below are some of the many benefits of asset tracking.

  1. Reduce Administrative Costs

    Tracking down assets manually by calling around to see where they are is time-consuming and frustrating. And the possibility of human error is high. All this can lead to losing or underutilizing the asset. With asset tracking software, you can easily locate your assets, make sure they are where they are supposed to be, and can get your time back to focus on revenue-generating responsibilities.

  2. Improved efficiency

    Not only do you know where your assets are with asset tracking, but you also get insight into how they are being used, whether in a warehouse, office, at a job site, or in storage. This lets you identify important patterns of their utilization and streamline your operations.

  3. Improved Utilization

    Equipment is expensive, so you want to make sure they are utilized. It makes no sense for any assets to be sitting idle at one location when needed at another. Daily tracking of your assets lets you know how many hours they are used and which are not being used at all. This can keep you from renting or purchasing equipment you don’t need and make sure that the equipment you have is at the right job site. You won’t have to guess that you’ll have the data you need to make strategic decisions with asset tracking reports.

  4. Better Job Estimation and Billing

    Keeping track of fuel use and machine hours as well as labor costs can make your job estimates and billing more accurate. Data analysis from previous projects will improve your job estimations and allow you to submit bids that are more competitive.

  5. Loss Prevention and Risk Reduction

    Geo-fencing, combined with asset tracking helps you reduce the potential for theft and minimize risk. Another benefit of the use of asset tracking and geo-fencing is that they may lead to lower deductibles and insurance premiums due to increased security.

  6. Reduce Maintenance Expenses

    You can use asset management software to set up service and maintenance reminders for your equipment. This lets you avoid breakdowns that cost you both time and money. Well-maintained equipment works better and is less likely to need expensive repairs. And, of course, when your equipment is in the shop, it can delay the project and cause you to lose money.

  7. Extend the Life of Assets

    With service alerts that keep your maintenance on schedule, you can extend the life of your equipment and reduce your overall repair cost.

  8. Maintain Compliance and Certifications

    Compliance doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Asset tracking keeps all your data in one place, ensures your records are accurate and up-to-date and gives you the ability to pull up critical information and generate reports. This makes auditing easier and faster, since you can generate a report in minutes instead of taking hours or days to put together all the information.

  9. Reduced Fuel Usage

    Fuel costs are a huge part of a project’s budget. The way fuel costs fluctuate, keeping a close eye on your fuel usage can help keep your budget in line. Logging fuel use with asset management software lets you track fuel usage so you can better monitor costs. It also reduces the potential for theft since you can easily tell when fuel expenditure rises for no reason, which can indicate fuel theft.

  10. Improved Customer Service

    Whenever your business processes improve, your customers take notice. Whether your jobs are completed on time, on or under budget, or operations are more efficient, customers will benefit, and notice, in the long run.

  11. Planning for Future Growth

    If you can’t keep track of your assets and have to hunt around for the information, you can’t scale your business for growth. Asset tracking software helps you find asset utilization patterns to help you plan for future growth.

  12. Ensures Peace of Mind

    One of the best benefits of asset tracking is the peace of mind you get from knowing where your assets are, how they are being used, and that that they are running efficiently.


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