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Your solution to stolen vehicle recovery.

You don't have to be a statistic with Beamebeame stolen vehicle recoveryBeame mascot

Although carjacking saw a dip of 2.3%, South Africa still loses a staggering R8-billion to vehicle theft and hijacking each year. Almost 50% of these crimes occurred in Gauteng. And with Toyotas and Nissans, the favourites of car hijackers, drivers of these cars feel like they are under siege.

But you don't have to be a statistic or worry about car hijackers watching your every move. The Beame Stolen Vehicle Recovery system will put your mind at rest. We use the latest smart, wireless technology, making installation simple and easy. With one of the industry's highest stolen vehicle recovery rates, quick and easy installation, and compact size, Beame can recover any type of vehicle.

With 5,794 total vehicles recovered and +R1 B total value of assets recovered, Beame gives you 100% peace of mind.

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Beame devices work on any vehicle

Simpler, smaller, and totally affordable, Beame is a vehicle recovery device that gives you a new way of keeping your vehicle safe. We've revolutionized the tracking industry and boast one of the best recovery rates you can find.

The Beame wireless vehicle recovery device is completely mobile and fits easily into almost any vehicle with a number plate. For vehicles such as trailers, caravans, motorbikes, and quad bikes, we can ensure your vehicle is recovered quickly.

The device is small, lightweight, and powered by a battery that lasts for three years or longer. Its smart wireless technology and fast installation make it easy to hide in any vehicle. When the battery wears out, we'll replace it for free. We believe in our product so much that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Our innovative Smartphone app puts added convenience at your fingertips. You can report a stolen vehicle instantly, even if you are logged out. You can check on the battery in your device, and request your insurance certificate, all from your phone.

We bring you simplicity from beginning to end, with quick online purchasing and installation so easy you can do it yourself. Or, if you prefer, you can have it professionally installed. Then, log into the app and you'll be connected to our nationwide recovery network. There's nowhere in South Africa we can't go to find your vehicle.

Beame vehicle recovery benefits and features

Beame Stolen Vehicle Recovery device includes on-the-road benefits such as Beame Protect. By registering for Beame Protect's value-added services, customers have access to the following additional benefits:

National Network Coverage – active at all times, the Beame stolen vehicle device transmits signals to quickly locate your vehicle anywhere in the country.

Dedicated Recovery Teams – agents skilled in locating vehicles across the country.

Free Recovery – no hidden fees or additional costs to recover your stolen vehicle.

Beame Product Benefits and Features

  • Wireless device is easy to hide and does not affect your vehicle's electronic warranty.
  • Small and compact enough to fit in any vehicle.
  • Jamming detections ensure continuous visibility to combat car hijacking and theft.
  • Quick installation gets you up and running right away.
  • Low-battery alert ensures your device is live at all times.
  • Lifetime warranty gives you confidence we will be there for you.
  • Beame smartphone app lets you instantly report a stolen vehicle.

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Beame can be installed on any vehicle

See what our satisfied customers say

"You recovered our Toyota Hilux twice in 15 months ... great service and absolute money's worth!!!"

-Jeanne Schutte

"What a fantastic job ... recovered our client's vehicle, after it was stolen early on Sunday morning. Well done, team!"

Barker Insurance

"... on Saturday morning my Toyota Hilux was stolen and today I got a phone call that my car was recovered. I cannot thank you guys enough ..."

-Marcus Hack

"... I dealt with Simone. … friendly helpful, not pushy. A pleasure to deal with."

-Jeremy Dannheisser

"Beame agent, Michael, was incredibly helpful … phoned me every 10 minutes to make sure that I was ok, and to notify me of the location of my car. … I am so grateful ..."


"BIG THANK YOU!!! ... Twice in two months you have recovered my car. ... THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!"

-Patrick Tillman

"... you are the best! It was recovered within an hour after I had reported it."

-Bongani Mashile

"...  my hero, as a mother trusting Beame to protect her son's car, you came out on top ... #‎gratitude."

-Sandra Struthers Botha

"Beame recovered our Hilux twice in one week. … Thank you, Beame, for awesome service."


"My husband was hijacked right outside our home. … I spoke to Michael, who acted quickly and kept me updated. … with the help of Beame, I got my car back in perfect condition!"

-Asgari Khan

"…  three armed men pulled me out of my car, threw me onto the ground and drove away with my car. I had a Beame …  it wasn't long before I was notified that my car had been found recovered."

-Clement Tholoana

Matrix Tracking

Matrix - The Best Car Tracking Service

Matrix Tracking LogoGet More Than Vehicle Tracking with Matrix

Available Exclusively in South Africa

Customized services for you and your family.

  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Personal Safety

You choose the package that fits your lifestyle.

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How Does the Matrix Vehicle Tracking System Increase the Chances Your Car Will Be Recovered?

The no. 1 solution for vehicle tracking in South Africa. There’s nothing worse than walking out of your home and realizing that your car is gone. With increasing incidents of car theft, this could easily happen to you. Cars with vehicle tracking and recovery systems are recovered more frequently, and with less damage, compared to cars that don’t. It’s just that simple. And advances in stolen vehicle tracking systems such as Matrix are expected to minimize damage to recovered cars.

How Live Vehicle Tracking Works

If your vehicle is stolen or moved without your permission, a vehicle tracking system is your best bet for quick retrieval and minimal damage to your car. Once you’ve installed one of our tracking devices, you have access to our advanced vehicle tracking services. This lets you monitor your car from your computer or smartphone, depending on the level you choose.

With our advanced smartphone and internet applications, you can set up vehicle tracking alerts, know when and how your car is being driven, and access a street view of your car’s location anywhere in South Africa. Our range of products gives you different levels of vehicle tracking features to choose from, based on requirements specific to you and your family.

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Matrix Internet Tracking Services Options

Stolen Vehicle Recovery – each Matrix product incorporates GPS Pinpoint Positioning Technology and Wireless Recovery Beacon to track stolen vehicles and recover them quickly.

Vehicle Tracking – monitor your vehicle’s movements and set alerts for unauthorized use.

Personal Safety – more important vehicle tracking is ensuring the safety of your loved ones. Our Personal Safety Systems use advanced technology to detect incidents as they happen and send highly trained ground personnel to the exact location in South Africa.

Matrix Assist – the highest level of security and personal protection, Matrix Assist helps you with Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims, alerts for new traffic fines and help in settling them, alerts and helps with license renewals, and more.

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Benefits of the Matrix Internet Tracking Services

Depending on the package you choose, with Matrix you get:

A family kept safe by Matrix vehicle tracking devices

  • GPS pinpoint positioning – know exactly where your car is for recovery and emergency response
  • X-ray vision – track your vehicle even when parked underground
  • Dedicated recovery teams – ready 24/7 for vehicle recovery and emergency response
  • GeoLoc advanced alert – anti-theft system alerts you when your vehicle is moved without your permission
  • Smartphone app – track your car anywhere, anytime
  • Internet tracking – find your car anywhere on an interactive map of South Africa
  • Harsh event reporting – driver behavior tracking and analysis
  • Panic remote – send a silent distress signal when you sense danger
  • Tax logbook – easily and effortlessly track, measure and monitor car expenses
  • Custom geo-fencing – 24/7 alerts track and manage the safety of your family and their vehicles
  • Roadside & Medical Assist – 24-hour nationwide emergency roadside assistance
  • Crash alert – impact sensor sends an alert if your car is involved in an accident
  • No-go zones – immediate alerts when you enter a high-crime zone
  • Border alerts – automatic notification if your car approaches the South African border to verify authorised use

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How to Reduce Insurance Claim Costs with Matrix

Driver behavior is a big factor in more than 80% of car crashes and other accidents. In addition, it can also affect your insurance premiums. If you have more than one driver in your household, you can monitor their driving behavior and prevent things like harsh braking, cornering, and acceleration as well as speeding. If you are not paying attention to these events, you can be sure that your insurance company is.

Reducing these events can not only reduce your insurance claim costs but also create safer driving habits, and also increase your vehicle's lifespan and reduce costly maintenance.

Through our tracking and monitoring applications, you can receive an alert through the Matrix Smartphone App whenever your vehicle experiences harsh driving events or speeding. You can get reports that detail specific dates and monitor driver behavior over time. In the long run, this will benefit your family’s safety and your pocket.

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See What Our Happy Customers Have to Say about Matrix Internet Tracking

“My sister and I have MX-3’s installed … my sister got hi-jacked outside her company. … within 20 minutes the vehicle was recovered … outstanding and excellent service provided!”

Nivesh Maneckchund – Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

“… Matrix phoned to check if the car is safe … when I realized that it has been stolen. … excellent beyond expectations.”

Nhlanhlan – Gauteng

“… I downloaded the Matrix iPhone app … It really did bring me peace of mind to see my car (in its colour and shape) reflect on a map on my iPhone with it safely in the street where I left it. …”

shmdub – Gauteng

“… I woke up yesterday morning to find that my car would not start … called Matrix to request roadside assistance. … to my surprise they arrived in under 15 minutes! … Thank you Matrix …”

Victoria – Sunninghill, Gauteng

“… My husband was hijacked … within 15 minutes, my car was recovered. Excellent work.”

Junior Manana – Roodepoort, Gauteng

“I was hijacked … within 2 hours my vehicle was recovered. … THANK YOU!

Jorika – Gauteng


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